dcsimg Cesar Tejedor, Visiting Practitioner

Cesar Tejedor, Visiting Practitioner

VP Cesar Tejedor

Cesar Tejedor, Visiting Practitioner

César Tejedor, a bestselling author in the field of spa and wellness, is the creator of VibraHealing, physical therapist and expert on traditional medicines, spa trainer and consultant, founder of Massage Around the World and ambassador for Global Wellness Day in Spain. Passionate about holistic wellness, he has spent the last 15 years of his life traveling around the world exploring traditional medicines and massage with the aim of implementing ancient wisdom into modern lifestyles.

During César´s visit, guests will have the one-time opportunity to experience his own technique, VibraHealing, an innovative technique that makes use of vibrations, sound and massage to calm and clear the mind, relax and revitalize the body, balance the energy system and reinstate overall well-being. They will also be able to experience the authentic Tibetan KuNye Therapy that César has studied with the best teachers from the Medical University of HH The Dalai Lama in the Himalayas. The treatment entails the KuNye massage that creates harmony between the body, mind and energy system as well as a private lifestyle consultation with the aim of improving lifelong health and well-being.

VibraHealing De-stress
This treatment releases physical and emotional tensions and promotes the free flow of energy throughout the body, bringing you into a state of profound relaxation and meditation. The Tibetan singing bowls, the music therapy, the massage and the guided meditation, come together to create the perfect atmosphere for total stress relief. Experience the deepest relaxation and liberation, possibly the most surprising Spa experience you will encounter.

VibraHealing Chakra Balancing 
This treatment harmonizes the Chakras, our 7 vital energy centers, that profoundly affect the functioning of our body, mind and spirit. As a result of the Chakra Balancing session, the energy centers are balanced, the mind is stilled, and integral well-being is reinstated. The combination of  the guided meditation, massage, singing bowls and music therapy,  will take you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, leaving you re-energized and clear-minded. The 60min session includes a subtle massage, and the 90min a full body oil massage.

Tibetan KuNye Massage / Therapy
The Tibetan KuNye Massage is a part of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, a science that comprises all aspects of the human being, such as diet, lifestyle and environment, making it one of the most holistic health systems on earth. The KuNye Massage is tailored to your individual bodily constitution, using the oils and techniques that best adapt to your needs and enhance your well-being. You will experience a soothing massage together with small herbal bags Zathi-Dukpa, that will unblock any physical and energy tensions, reinstating your natural state of health at all levels. The 60min session includes the KuNye Massage, and the 90min session includes a private lifestyle consultation in addition to the massage.

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