Experience the true Vietnamese way of life

The islands surrounding Nha Trang offer exciting, adventurous trips and fishing excursions. Close by is some of the most astounding countryside, with steep mountains and plush green paddy fields seemingly electrified by the sun.

Snorkeling at Mun Island

Mun Island is located in Nha Trang Bay, around 20 minutes by boat from Evason Ana Mandara. The surrounding waters offer the best conditions for diving and snorkeling in the whole of Vietnam. 

The clear turquoise waters are home to over 250 types of stunning hard and soft corals and colorful exotic marine life. Enjoy snorkeling sites around Mun Island and discover the astonishing and rich underwater world of Vietnam! And a delightful seafood lunch is awaiting you before returning to Evason Ana Mandara.

Nha Trang Bay's Discovery

The Central Coast of Vietnam is home to many fish farms and vibrant coral reefs. Join this experience to get a closer look above and below the water and to understand why Nha Trang is considered a marine haven. Cruise offshore around the bay and visit a neighboring fishing village. Ride in a traditional bamboo basket boat and get a close-up look at the unique farming techniques of reef fish and the delectable slipper lobster. Continue by snorkeling over the coral reefs within the marine protected are at Mun Island before stopping at a beachfront restaurant for a seafood lunch. Cruising leisurely along Nha Trang Bay completes the afternoon. 

Nha Trang Through The Ages

This tour lets you explore Nha Trang city and to learn more about its culture with your experienced guide. Step deep into history at Po Nagar towers; an outstanding feat of Champa brick architecture founded before 781. Long Son pagoda is heralded as a must-see spot within the city: dedicated to the Buddhist monks who died protesting against the Diem regime. The crowning white statue of Gautama Buddha is accessible via 152 stone steps up from the entrance of the pagoda and is often used as a vantage point to look over the city. Nha Trang Cathedral was built between 1928 and 1933 in French Gothic style, complete with stained-glass windows and stands on a small hill overlooking the train station. The tour finishes at Dam Market; the best choice to procure local products and a place to get acquainted with the daily local life and experience authentic Vietnamese coffee.

Vietnam Timeless Charm

Dive deeper into the region’s culture with this hands-on journey. Depart the resort and head west, discovering countryside villages, rice paddies and the luminous green mountains. Experience the bustle of a local market, learn how to make conical hats, weave rush mats, make incense, rice paper and noodles all while experiencing Vietnam’s innate and genuine hospitality. The trip is coupled with a visit to Suoi Do pagoda, a perfect viewpoint atop the mountain to unwind and capture pictures of the surrounding rice paddies and banana plantations before enjoying lunch in a local Nha Trang Xua restaurant. Leisurely return to the resort, stopping along the way for a quintessential cup of Vietnamese coffee.

Cai River Sunset Cruise

Sailing down the Cai River is one of the most picturesque experiences in Nha Trang. You will be escorted from the resort to your port of disembarkation aboard a converted wooden fishing boat. Sail along as the sun sets and water buffaloes graze the shores. Glimpse local villages along both sides of the river and capture your memories.


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