Facial Therapies - Nurturing with Six Senses

Signature Massages

Get in touch with your senses

The Six Senses Spa menu of signature massages covers many varieties designed to soothe and enhance the energy flows of the body and regenerate a feeling of wellbeing.

Oriental Massage

The integrative oriental touch of full body treatment includes the scalp, hands and feet with acupressure techniques. Popular for those who feel like being uplifted and enhancing vitality.

Energizer Massage

Increased energies with a reviving upper body work focusing on key areas to relieve tension and ease the muscles. Especially reccommended for those who require focused attention on the back whilst enjoying a complete face, scalp and shoulder treatment.

Holistic Massage

A tailor-made therapeutic full body and scalp therapy including face reflexology. By using long, slow stroking movements, your therapist will put you into a deep state of relaxation. It is no surprise that this is our most popular relaxing treatment.

Jet Lag Recovery Massage

A rebalancing treatment that stimulates the circulation reduces swelling and eases muscle tension. It includes a body massage with aromatherapy oil to revive your circulation, a head massage to re-awaken your senses and a Six Senses herbal tea to reset your internal clock.


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