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When to visit Hua Hin - Six Senses

When to Visit


Peak season is from December to May, although Hua Hin is popular almost all year 'round. In April, Songkran water festival is celebrated. August has candle lighting ceremonies in celebration of the Queen's birthday. Elephant Polo is a unique event held annually in September. November is Loy Kratong Day with Kratong offerings floated out to sea. 


Sport Seasons

August - September
Golf - Great promotions on Hua Hin golf courses.

November - June
Kite Surfing - The best time of the year for offshore winds, ideal for Kite Surfers.

Festive Seasons

Songkran, a national water festival traditionally to celebrate the Buddhist Lunar New Year.  Guests can join the water splashing activities with our hosts and go out on the town for even more fun.

12th August - The Queen’s Birthday -  This day is also known as Mother's Day in Thailand.  Guests are invited to light candles and join in the singing of Her Majesty the Queen's favorite songs to celebrate her birthday.

Celebrate "Loy Kratong Day" by floating mini kratong made from banana leaves and flowers to give thanks to the God of Water and to make wishes for a happy future.   Guests are invited to join Loy Kratong Festival by floating kratongs at the resort.

5th December - The King’s Birthday - This day is also known as Father's Day in Thailand. Guests are invited light candles and join in singing His Majesty the King's songs to celebrate his birthday.

Thai Holidays

1. New Year’s Day - January 1, 2015
2. Makha Bucha Day - March 4, 2015
3. Chakri Memorial Day - April 6, 2015
4. Songkran Festival - April 13-15, 2015
5. National Labour Day - May 1, 2015
6. Coronation Day - May 5, 2015
7. Visakha Bucha Day - June 1, 2015
8. Asarnha Bucha Day - July 30, 2015
9. H.M. The Queen’s Birthday - August 12, 2015
10. Chulalongkorn’s Day - October 23, 2015
11. H.M. The King’s Birthday - December 5, 2015
12. Constitution Day - December 10, 2015
13. New Year’s Eve - December 31, 2015


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