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Local time 8.13 AM
Local Temperature 9 C / 48 F

Evason Ma'In

Evason Ma’In presents many Jordanian experiences in a comfortable and sustainable way. We offer the opportunity to feel the true pulse of the Middle East... from its traditional mystic roots to its present day uniqueness.

The Experience Department's service is attentive and personalized, with our hosts being especially knowledgeable and caring. They are proud to offer traditional Arabic hospitality.

Experiences are designed to represent the Six Senses tradition of responsible tourism, with gourmet offerings and local content.

Evason Ma'In

Ma’In Hot Springs is the inspired site for the well appointed Evason Ma’In Hot Springs

Nebo and Madaba

Visit the holy site of Mount Nebo and afterwards explore the famous Mosaic town of Madaba (20.69 km)


Jerash, the City of a Thousand Pillars, is one of the best preserved Roman cities in the world (78.83 km)

The Dead Sea

The unique mud and salt from the Dead Sea has many skin benefits (16.20 km)

Bethany baptism site

This site marks the baptism of Jesus by John (26.07 km)


Area Highlights

Sitting an amazing 264-meters below sea level, Evason Ma’In Hot Springs is an oasis in the dramatically rugged terrain. The location is easily accessible and has become a destination of choice for those seeking the perfect retreat in which to relax and be pampered whilst enjoying the benefits of the hot springs and waterfalls. 


How To Get There

Evason Ma’In Hot Springs is an easy and breathtakingly scenic 60-minute drive from Amman's Queen Alia International Airport (AMM). Transfers can be arranged with a private car and driver, on request. The resort is a 25-minute drive from the Dead Sea and 30-kilometers from the historic mosaic city of Madaba.  

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When to Visit

The High season in Jordan is March to May. As of February when the winter comes it is a perfect time to visit the Ma’In hot springs for which Evason Ma'In is the official custodian. October to November is olive harvesting. In July Evason Ma'In Hot Springs celebrates the Jerash Festival, with artists from Jordan, Arabia and beyond. 

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Resort Highlights

Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap

Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap

Envelopment of black Dead Sea mud cleanses, rejuvenates and detoxifies.

While your skin and body purifies itself with the therapeutic Dead Sea mud, enjoy your choice of scalp, hand or foot massage to soothe and revitalise your aching muscles. 

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Ma'In Hot Springs

Ma'In Hot Springs

Discover the Ma'In hot springs visited by pilgrims for thousands of years

The guided walk takes you to Hammamat Ma'In Valley, where the hot spring issues from the rock itself. Learn about the water's composition and its uses for medical benefits. 

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Zarb Dinner at Olive

Zarb Dinner at Olive

An Authentic zarb dining experience in the original Bedouin tradition

Our Bedouin chefs serve the meal communal style beneath a lamp-lit Bedouin tent. Guests may also choose candlelit private tables set amongst the olive trees, overlooking the hot springs falls. 

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Evason Room

Rooms and Suites

With twin or king size beds, they have a living space with games table and balcony. They present a studio concept, with sleeping and living areas. 

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Evason Two Bedroom Suite

Multiple Room Suites

Evason Suites offer generous personal space, living room, dining room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large terrace with a separate living area. 

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Royal Suite

Specialty Suites

Located on the top floors they offer generous space and picturesque views from the balconies to the stunning valleys and waterfalls below. 

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Thanks for making our stay really special!. We fell in love with Jordan, its people and everyone at Evason Ma'In!... not many people are aware that there is so much to do and to see there! And we'll certainly highlight our fantastic stay at Evason Ma'In!

Guest Comments Review: Natasha A

Our stay in the hotel was amazing.  The staff provided a lot of help and great advice for our stay.  It was beautiful here and we hope to come back some time. 



Guest Comments Review: Maksim Z

All staff were extremely courteous, helpful & welcoming. Excellent attitudes, they made us feel like royalty.  This is not a 5 star resort, it deserves 10 stars.



Guest Comments Review: Linda C

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Resort Awards

TripAdvisor Awards 2013

Winner of 2013 Certificate of Excellence award
Winner of 2013 Travellers' Choice - Luxury Hotels
Winner of 2013 Travellers' Choice - Top Hotels
- Evason Ma'In Hot Springs, Jordan

Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Spa Awards 2012

Winner of Hotel Spas - Africa, Middle East & Indian Ocean – Six Senses Spa at Evason Ma’In, Jordan

Sherman’s Travel Magazine’s Smart Luxury Awards 2009

Eco-friendly desert oasis - Evason Ma’In Hot Springs & Six Senses Spa, Jordan


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