Turn a holiday into an educational trip

Jordan has a wealth of history from the Romans to the Nabateans, and all have left their mark in the form of huge monuments and even whole cities for you to explore.


Karak, originally called Kir Heres during biblical times and completed by the Crusaders in 1161, became the most important fief and home to the Lord of Transjordan. Karak was besieged many times but never was taken by force, instead the Crusaders were besieged by Salah Eddin, who then set them free. During the drive to Karak we will stop for a great photo opportunity over the Mujib canyon and dam - almost as good as the view from the castle itself. 


Petra is 142 kilometers south of Ma’In, or a three-hour drive. An ancient Nabatean stone city dating from 9BC and one of the new seven wonders of the world!  The private Six Senses Experience excursion departs from Ma’In early in the morning to get the maximum benefit of the trip. 

Entering Petra begins with a 1.2 kilometer walk through the Siq (stone canyon).  Visitors will then move on into the Petra “city centre” with many tombs and houses carved into the stone, plus a large Roman style theatre.


Jarash is the City of a Thousand Pillars. It is one of the largest and best preserved Roman cities in the world, and at over 2000 years old Jarash is an impressive discovery. The city also has one of the best preserved original Roman theatres that is still being used until today.   

In the original Roman-built Hippodrome experience a show of the past, with the daily Roman legionnaire drills and gladiator duels, finishing with an exciting chariot race and all taking place in the partially reconstructed 1800 year old arena.  All this followed by a guided tour to learn  the secrets of this ancient city, so well preserved that even the hundreds of giant pillars were left intact through earthquakes and landslides. 

1st Circle Amman

Our walking trail on the 1st circle Amman visits many of the old part of the capital, including the birthplace of the late King Hussein. The tour passes through rainbow street, a popular shopping street which is a great place to pick up souvenirs and gifts. Also included in the trip is a visit to the Roman Theatre, or Citadel of Philadelphia - Amman’s Roman name.  Then we will head to Wild Jordan Café for a delicious lunch, with a breath taking panoramic view of Amman's Old City.


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