dcsimg Hotel in Jordan, Ma'In Sustainable Resort - Six Senses

Hotel in Jordan, Ma'In Sustainable Resort - Six Senses

Environmental Responsibility

In line with the Six Senses environmental commitment initiatives, Evason Ma'In has implimented several of its own. These include the use of bicycles, wherever possible, to lower vehicle emissions and a tree-planting programme that is seeing reforestation of areas left barron from over-harvesting.

Bicycle Usage on the property

In Evason Ma'In we are reviving the culture of using bicycles and minimizing car usage in order to save the environment and reduce the usage of fuel.

Tree Planting

The tree planting initiative has already resulted in 5000 trees been planted and we are organizing jointly with the ministry of agriculture for many more to be planted on the waterfall mountain in the future.

Social Responsibility

Evason Ma’In is in a mutual cooperation with Prince Ali Club for people who have Speaking & Hearing Impairment. These folk were welcomed to use the Ma'In waterfall followed by a delightful lunch prepared and served in the Al-Waha Restaurant at the Host Village.


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