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Pamela Young, Visiting Practitioner

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Pamela Young, Visiting Practitioner

Pamela Young was raised on Navajo and Alaskan Indian reservations in the United States, with the result that is accustomed to diversity and assimilates well into new and different environments. She has a strong medical background, having worked in the medical field before becoming a massage/Watsu practitioner.

Therapeutic Fusion

Just for You/Custom Massage, which includes all modalities needed to accomplish the needs of your specific areas of distress: deep tissue, craniosacral, Thai, hot stones, poultices and lymphatic; complete treatments to meet all your needs.

Lymphatic Treatment 
A light and rhythmic treatment to activate the lymphatic system to release toxins, boost the immune system and totally detox the body, lymphatic is a much needed treatment in our current stressful and toxic environment. Ideal after a long flight or to promote detoxing. 

Returning to the water from which we came, this nurturing and therapeutic treatment releases the joints and spine with gentle but deep stretches, Shiatsu, and energy work; relaxing the muscles, the mind and the spirit for complete release. 

Craniosacral Therapy
A very powerful yet gentle treatment of the whole body originated from osteopathy. Pamela is trained to feel and listen to the subtle motion of the craniosacral rhythm. This therapy releases tensions in the body created by physical or emotional shock which leave the tissues tight and contracted creating short and long term pain. 

Deep Tissue Massage
An experience recommended for those really tense, knotted and painful areas. Using a variety of muscle release techniques, Pamela will work within your threshold to release tension.

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