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Signature Treatments

Locally Inspired - The Essence of Six Senses

By utilising indigenous ingredients, plants and herbs, we treasure local tradition as the very essence of Six Senses Spa Con Dao, and offer you a truly natural and authentic experience.

Vietnamese Journey

This signature spa experience includes a body polish using fresh Con Dao Hat Bang almonds, oatmeal and yoghurt, and a nourishing body wrap consisting of honey, milk and white clay. Oriental Body Therapy, and a Vietnamese hair wash to complete the journey.

Island Coffee Treatment

A detoxifying body scrub using Vietnamese Buon Me Thuot coffee and local sea salt, combined with carrot and coconut oil to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells. A fresh coffee mask with citrus will then be applied to detox and purify the body

Herbal Healer

Vietnam has a long tradition of using natural herbs for health benefits. This treatment uses turmeric, ginger powder and tamarind to exfoliate the whole body and ease muscle tension. It includes a herbal compress for the back, neck and shoulder areas.

Natural Vietnamese Facial

A delicious natural facial to rejuvenate the skin! Only fresh ingredients are used including milk, honey, yoghurt and almond powder. Enjoy the facial massage using Vietnamese pressure points to induce total relaxation and an uplifting effect!

Vietnamese Hair Wash

A traditional recipe for healthy and strong hair! The freshly made hair wash is from the ‘bo ket’, pomelo peel and lime juice, with a soothing scalp massage to bring out the natural glow of your hair.

Asian Therapies

A combination of Indian and Thai therapies

The Six Senses Spa therapists are skilled in traditional Vietnamese and Asian treatments that stimulate and rejuvenate the body, using natural local ingredients and products.

Thai Silk Facial

Improve facial skin texture with the application of a traditional natural silk cocoon with Serecin essential protein to firm and tone your skin complexion.

Thai Massage

Thai massage techniques focusing on pressure points and gentle body stretching along the body’s energy channels; it is offered fully-clothed and without oil to re-awaken the body’s energy flow.

Balancing Spa Journey

Touch your inner peace. This feeling will connect you to the universal energy and helps to create harmony and balance. Relieve stress and deepen relaxation, experience the unique combination of Reiki, healing hands therapy, and complete this journey with a deep relaxing body massage.

You may select from a Holistic or Balinese Massage

Foot Acupressure

Acupressure is applied to zones on the feet corresponding to all major body parts and organs for inducing relief from pain, illness and stress. This treatment stimulates the body’s own healing and balancing energy flow.

Indian Head Therapy

Traditionally known in India as “Champissage”, this treatment combines both gentle and stimulating techniques on the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp to improve blood flow, nourish the scalp and induce a deep sense of calm. Popular with Foot treatments.

Body Polish & Cocoon

Reveal your natural glow

Skin brightening uses Six Senses products to reveal your natural glow and rejuvenate your body, working deep to eliminate toxins, combat cellulite, improve circulation, tone skin. 

Six Senses Signature Scrub

Sensitive skin - jojoba scrub plus Roman chamomile and lavender essences.
Normal skin - rice grain scrub plus ylang-ylang and patchouli essences.
Oily skin - crushed coconut shell scrub plus orange and rosemary essences.

Six Senses Signature Wrap

Detoxifier – detoxifying.
Body Toner – uplifting, toning and firming.
Body Refiner – refining and nourishing, ideal for sensitive skin.

Sunburn Soother

A simply soothing treatment that includes foot acupressure or scalp massage. Calming and soothing ingredients are applied to moisturize and encourage new cell growth

Hand and Foot Treatment

Choose from lavender and coconut, or a lemongrass and honey mixture. The treatment includes a cleansing, scrub and massage to nourish and relieve aching muscles.

Green Tea Scrub

The secret of green tea lies in the fact it is a powerful antioxidant. The green tea scrub mixed with Vietnamese ground rice helps to tighten and tone the skin, improve circulation, and refresh the mind.

Our Spa Experts

Gregory Beal

Fitness Wellness

Gregory is a visiting practiner who focuses on Fitness Wellness, such as correcting muscle imbalances and educating you on how to use your body better, as well as Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Personal Training and stress and tension massage.


There is a variety of wellness classes offered complimentry, six days a week, a range of profesional therapies to suit your needs, and a lecture once a week to enrich knowledge.



Greogory is based in Ho Chi Min City and makes regular trips to Six Senses Spa Con Dao. He will be at the property for the full month of May 2013

Lorenzo Becchi

Visiting Practitioner

Lorenzo is a leading holistic therapist specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Craniosacral therapy.

Since 2005, Lorenzo has entirely committed his time, passion and energy delving into the practices of acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom techniques, hypnosis, Thai massage, Chinese medicine, energetic healing and biomagnetism.


 17 February - 15 March 2014

Ms. Nga

Spa Therapist

Ms. Nga is a very talented massage therapist with the skills of Foot Acupressure, Swedish Massage, Aroma Massage, Oriental, Holistic, Energizer and Hot Stone.


She is very adept with Thai Massage, Indian Head Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Swedish. 


Ms. Nga also performes Scrubs, Wraps, Facials and Vietnamese Hair Wash Herbal Healer


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