DJ Nikko R weaves a musical story

DJ Nikko R Chill Bar

Chill Bar chill-out

DJ Nikko R weaves a musical story

Greece’s famed DJ, Nikko R entertains every evening at Chill Bar from February 5 through May 3. He has featured at the most prestigious clubs in Crete and is a master at creating musical fantasies.

Every sound has a beat and every DJ has a sound, music is about creation which reflects personality, style passion and perseverance. These are a few of the many attributes that can make the DJs turntables their own. "Nikko R" has triumphed his way through the Greek scene, twenty long years of hard work, dedication and applying his own talents in many music genres. Whatever mood you want to be in, you will be infused with sounds from Ambient Acoustic, Chill Out, House and Jazz to Mainstream, Electro and Latin and a whole lot more in between making Dj Nikko R one of the most versatile DJs in Greece. His expertise understands his customer needs, acknowledges the limits yet stretches the line like no other DJ.

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