Paweennuch Soisongsee (Khun Noom) - Visiting Spa Practitioner

Khun Paweenuch (Noom) Soisongsee

Paweennuch Soisongsee (Khun Noom)

Reiki and Sound Healing

We are happy to welcome Khun Noom back to Six Senses Spa at Six Senses Laamu, from Thailand. She specializes in Sound / Universal Energy Healing Therapy and Body work. She will be visiting Six Senses Laamu from April 4 to April 24.

Khun Noom has practiced different modalities of healing for over ten years in several countries. Using her vast knowledge of holistic health, her aim is “to set man free” through Reiki and Sound Healing.  She is a Yoga instructor and Meditation leader, a therapist of Thai massage, artist in cupping techniques that relax your nerves, a specialist in foot Reflexology and manual lymphatic drainage. Each of her therapies results in the most powerful awakening and transformation.

For more information, please call +960 680 0800 or email:


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