Chill Bar’s music magic

SSLM Nacho Soromayor SSLM Chill Bar

Chill Bar’s music magic

Reflecting guest’s emotions in music

Nacho Sotomayor creates music adventures from May 5 through July 31 at the famed Chill Bar. Nacho is a master at reflecting guest emotions in music, which is influenced by his native flamenco and every locality that provides inspiration.

From the sunsets and beaches of Ibiza, Athens and Marbella to the skylines of Paris, Barcelona, London and Rome, Six Senses Laamu is delighted to welcome Nacho Sotomayor to Chill Bar, from May 5 to July 31. Nacho is a master at reflecting guest emotions in music and will have the added inspiration of  magical Maldivian sunsets.

Celebrating his 20 anniversary as a musician and producer this year, Nacho is one of the most important and influential contemporary artists of ambient, chill out and electronic music. His music is influenced by the sounds of his ancestral flamenco, Arab vibrations and incorporates a twist from every locality that inspires him.

Nacho has successfully directed his label, Absolut Ambient, since 2006 and has worked closely with well-known artists and performers such as Claude Challe and Bebe. His music is essential to many popular compilations including Café del Mar and Buddha Bar. He has also developed projects for National Geographic, Giorgio Armani, HBO and many more. Nacho’s most important and signature sound project remains “La Roca” which was inspired by the ever-changing colors from sunrise to sunset over Es Vedra, a rocky island on the coastline of Ibiza.

Nacho said, “I’m very happy to create this music adventure in Maldives and especially to be doing so at Six Senses Laamu. I hope that my music will make many people dream and feel happier.”

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