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Spa Treatment highlights

Locally Inspired

Signature Treatments

In addition to the Six Senses signature spa treatments, we offer several unique and memorable Maldivian special therapies such as the mineral rich sand exfoliating massage.

Kurumbaa Kaashi Coconut Rub

Renew and refresh your skin with this unique island treatment. Starting with a natural coconut body scrub your skin is gently exfoliated in preparation for a soothing wrap of honey and papaya.  Coconut oil is then gently applied to your entire body leaving your skin glowing and moisturized.

Laamu Bliss

Enjoy a Maldivian inspired massage using coconut oil with a warming blend of ginger, cloves and nutmeg wrap applied to your body followed with a relaxing head massage while you enjoy the wrap. A cucumber conditioner application will help you to cool and refresh the skin. Luxuriate in a purifying to detoxify and cleanse your body. Emerge with smooth, hydrated skin.

Laamu Mineral Sand Poultice

Embrace the essence of the Maldives with an innovative steaming sand poultice experience to rejuvenate, detoxify and heal. These healing mineral sand poultices and acupressure on the body’s meridian lines help to stimulate and improve blood circulation whilst relieving muscle tension and promote deep relaxation.

Laamu Combo

A truly ultimate treatment combining a full body massage with a rejuvenating foot acupressure therapy. Select from your choice of a Balinese, Holistic and or Swedish massage. This treatment will enhance your wellbeing and leave you feeling completed pampered.

Ready Made Packages

A Journey of Six Senses

Six Spa Journeys are designed to take you through the spectrum of enlightening all five senses to a point beyond. We know it as the perfectly balanced sixth sense.

Laamu Combo

A truly ultimate treatment combining a full body massage with a rejuvenating foot acupressure therapy. Select from your choice of a Balinese, Holistic and or Swedish massage. This treatment will enhance your wellbeing and leave you feeling totally pampered.

Sensory Spa Journey

A blissful signature spa treatment with two therapists performing a unique facial and body massage at the same in unison! You will experience a realxing footbath, a non-traditional Aromatherapy massage using long strokes, a cleansing facial ritual and a stress relieving scalp massage. This will encourage your mind to release the stresses of daily life.

Balancing Spa Journey

Touch your inner peace. This feeling will connect you to the universal energy and helps to create harmony and balance. Relieve stress and deepen relaxation, experience the unique combination of Reiki, healing hands therapy, and complete this journey with a deep relaxing body massage.

You may select from a Holistic or Balinese Massage

Touch of Luxury

Experience a body scrub, to help detoxify, remove dead skin and make your skin supple and smooth, followed with fusion massage that helps for blood circulation, energy flow bringing you into deep calm and complete the experience to rejuvenate the complexion and reduce fine lines

Massage therapies

The Heart of Six Senses

The Six Senses menu of massages covers many varieties designed to sooth and enhance the energy flows of the body and regenerate a feeling of rejuvenation and wellbeing.

Balinese Massage

Re-awaken your senses and find yourself in a complete state of calm. A traditional Balinese massage is a seamless blend of acupressure, skin rolling and firm, smooth strokes which are combined in a full body massage.

Thai Massage

Thai massage offers a fully-clothed, strong, dry pressure massage combined with gentle yoga-style stretching techniques that re-awaken the body’s energy flow.

Holistic Massage

A tailor-made therapeutic full body and scalp massage including face reflexology. By using long, slow stroking movements your therapist will put you into a deep state of relaxation. This is a very popular massage treatment.

Oriental Massage

For your therapeutic benefit, your therapist will skillfully perform a combination of therapies including popular techniques from the world’s most renown therapies of Swedish, Thai, Aromatherapy and Sports Massage.

Our Spa Experts

Ms. Huang Hong 'KC'

Spa Therapist

‘KC’ is a spa therapist and trainer with more than a decade of hands on experience in bodywork and beauty.


In addition to her expertise with massages to enhance overall health and wellbeing, she is an expert in traditional cupping for treating bronchial congestion, arthritis, and to reduce swelling pain.

Elle Fernandes

Residential Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Trainer

A former gymnast, runner and sports aerobic competitor, Elle’s background allows her to create tailor-made programs for guests.


She uses her passion for Pilates, Hatha, Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Kundalini, Acro, AY Fly Yoga, and holistic approach, to create personalized wellness sessions and fitness training to balance the body.

Amber West

Visiting Practitioner

Amber West, renowned practitioner of 5 Element Acupuncture for deep level helping, healing and transformation, is visiting from October 27 to November 30.Anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches allergies, fertility and stress management are the more common reason to seek this form of Chinese medicine, which helps balance energy and minimize symptoms.

Learn More about Amber

5 Element Acupuncture works at a deep level helping the healing and transformation of the patients on all levels. By bringing out their natural and best qualities it helps deepen their sense of self and thereby feel enlightened on how they manage everyday life stress and existential tensions.
Amber spent six years on meditation and movement therapies, helping her to profoundly understand how the body rejuvenates. This knowledge integrated with her attention, skill and intuition create a powerful foundation and has helped heal the bodies of numerous patients, recover their sense of balance and open themselves to deeper potentials.
Born and raised in Denver Colorado, she followed her inner desire to live in Seattle, where she began studying psychology and became passionate about 5 element acupuncture. She earned her degree in acupuncture from the Wu Hsing Tao School in Seattle and upon graduation she founded her own healthcare practice of 5 Lights Acupuncture, specializing in the treatment of mind, body and spirit disorders. She has offered her services to homeless teens and she has also practiced in community clinics.

Special Offers

Acupuncture Enhanced Bodywork
Tui Na is a unique form of therapeutic massage in Chinese medicine. Especially beneficial for those which hold stress in their muscles, this form of bodywork helps to physically release tension and reset the structure. When combined with 5 element acupuncture deep stress release, healing and restoration will be experienced. Each session is designed to meet the needs of the individual patient; some focus more on acupuncture and some may utilize more bodywork.

60 minutes/USD 250++
90 minutes/USD 330++
120 minutes/USD 420++

Acupuncture with Meditation
Meditation, as a powerful healing technique can be used to calm the mind, release from stress, break unwanted habits, reduce pain and increase energy. The treatment starts with acupuncture, followed by meditation to further support the acupuncture. This way deeper integration of the experience is facilitated maintaining the sense of harmony.

90 minutes/USD 300++
120 minutes/USD 380++

Tui Na Bodywork
Focuses on releasing stagnant energy held in the meridians and muscles through a combination of specific massage techniques. As the tension is released the mind, the body and the emotions are reminded how to be at ease and allow deeper levels of healing and integration to take place. Essential oils are tailored to meet each patients needs and are incorporated in the bodywork to further support healing.

60 minutes/USD 250++
90 minutes/USD 300++


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