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Six Senses Integrated Wellness

At Six Senses, your stay can be anything you want it to be.

We guide you on your path to well-being and provide inspiration to make you feel your best every day, at every age. We believe that with the right information and tools you can improve the quality of your life and achieve specific health goals while having fun … you just have to decide how active or inactive you would like to be.

Six Senses Integrated Wellness brings together the latest technology and in-house expertise with personalized wellness programs and nutritional advice. The program includes:

Wellness screening, 60 minutes
This personal consultation uses advanced technology which analyzes key physiological biomarkers of health, including body composition, metabolism, oxygen distribution, and heart function and circulation, as well as stress parameters. The results are used to prepare a wellness program specific to your individual needs.

Wellness program, from three days plus
Based on the results, our wellness expert recommends a personalized wellness program which includes one spa treatment of 90 minutes and one fitness /wellness activity of 60 minutes per day.

Our programs are tailored around the most common concerns and include:

  • Sleep & resilience
  • Trim & fitness
  • Cleanse & detox
  • Live to your full potential

Post program follow-up
This includes a personal consultation with a wellness expert to analyze the results of your stay, including take home advice. A follow-up wellness screening is recommended for programs of one week and longer.

VND 12,911,700 (USD 579) per guest / VND 20,850,500 (USD 935) per couple for a three-day program

VND 20,694,400 (USD 928) per guest / VND 33,093,200 (USD 1,484) per couple for a five-day program

VND 40,140,000 (USD 1,800) per guest / VND 63,688,800 (USD 2,856) per couple for a ten-day program

Price for Wellness Screening only: 60 minutes - VND 2,230,000/ USD 100

Prices are subject to five percent service charge and 10 percent government tax

To book this offer, please contact Six Senses Spa Ninh Van Bay directly at reservations-ninhvan-spa@sixsenses.com or call +84 58 3524 268.


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