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Spa Treatments highlights

Asian Therapies

Asian holistic treatments at its best

A union of time-honoured and traditional techniques highlighting local indigenous products, these therapies are your introduction to overall wellness and rejuvenation.

Vietnamese Massage

Using Blanda and Penduliflora Oils, hand processed by the Hmong and Dao tribes of Northern Vietnam,  this local massage incorporates a pressure point technique with invigorating movements to relax muscle tissue. Heated suction cups are placed on the back to promote muscle relaxation, improve circulation and rejuvenate the body. 

Thai Massage

Thai massage focuses on pressure points and gentle body stretching along the body energy channels or meridians to re-awaken the body’s energy  flow. This treatment is done without oil and without the need to disrobe. 

Indian Head Therapy

Traditionally known in India as ‘Champissage’, this treatment combines both gentle and stimulating techniques on the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp to improve blood flow, nourish the scalp and induce a deep sense of calm.

Foot Acupressure

Reflex points on the feet correspond to every organ in the body. Applying pressure to these points, the autonomic nervous, lymphatic and circulation systems are stimulated to heal and balance the body. Ideal when combined with Indian Head Massage.

Facial Therapies

Allow your skin to glow

Glowing skin reflects good health and to help you achieve this, our facials do more than just treat the surface, with Six Senses Signature Facials and Oxygen Infusion Therapies.

Soothing Facial

Soothes sensitive and irritated skin by using plant extracts and flower essences.

Thai Silk Facial

This facial utilizes natural silk cocoon rich in protein and sericin. Silk also has 12 amino acids which complements any skin type and age as well as increases the rate of healing of skin tissues

Signature Facial Treatment

Soothing - Soothes sensitive and irritated skin by using plant extracts and flower essences

Purifying – This deep cleansing facial balances oil secretion, deeply cleanses and hydrates the skin and prevents breakouts. It also refines pores and tightens the skin. The facial leaves your skin clean, fresh, soft, and supple.

 – Ideal for dry and mature skin that has lost moisture, tone and elasticity . Your skin is revitalized and nourished with a natural rejuvenating cream and mask.

Aroma Skin Facial
 -Reduces fine lines and any visible signs of ageing. This nourishing facial will brighten, tighten, hydrate and balance your skin. Ideal for combination to normal skin.

Oxygen Facial Infusions

The Intraceuticals system addresses the major underlying causes of fine lines and wrinkles and loss of elasticity caused by premature ageing. The infusion of oxygen and vitamin enriched serums from botanical extracts maximises skin regeneration and moisture. This leaves the skin noticeably firmer and glowing with a visible lift. Results continue to improve in the days following the treatment.

Locally Inspired

A natural and authentic experience

By utilising ingredients, plants and herbs that are indigenous to the local area, we treasure local tradition as the very essence of Six Senses to offer you a truly natural and authentic experience.

Vietnamese Well Being Journey

Start with a fine scrub of Com Xanh (Vietnamese green rice) for a gentle yet thorough exfoliation. This is followed by an aromatic bath of herbs and oils from the indigenous Hmong and Dao hillside tribes of Sa Pa Valley, which relieves joint pain. The unique massage, performed with centuries old healing techniques focusing on the body’s meridian points, is enhanced by the use of bamboo, suction cups and a heated herbal poultice containing the herbs Tia To, Cay Nga Cuu and Kinh Gioi, renowned for their ability to relax the muscles. An organic crystal with Reiki completes the journey. After this local wellness experience, fresh fruits, vegetarian hand rolls and coconut juice or Hung Lui (Vietnamese spearmint) tea from our organic garden are served. This peaceful, soothing sojourn channels total tranquility of both the mind and body.

Green Coffee Body Treatment

This treatment starts with dry brushing to gently exfoliate the skin and stimulate lymphatic circulation. Green coffee concentrate is applied to specific areas to break down cellulite and smoothen skin. A detoxifying wrap follows which also hydrates and firms the skin. A relaxing massage is compliments the treatment.

Exotic Orange Body Polish

Orange is rich in Vitamin A and D, which are both antioxidants. These properties boost overall skin health and immunity and gives a natural resistance to skin infections.

Vietnamese Green Tea Scrub

Green tea, renowned for its antioxidant qualities, also has caffeine which relieves water retention. Combined with sea salt, this scrub leaves your skin visibly smooth and fresh.

Our Spa Experts

Deepak Rawat

Spa Manager

Deepak’s extensive experience in yoga, meditation and spa management includes management roles at the internationally acclaimed destination spa Ananda in the Himalayas, Shanti Ananda in Mauritius and Constance Hotel Group. Most recently he was based in the Seychelles at Hilton Labriz Resort and Spa where he served as spa manager.

Ms. Nhung

Healing hands

Ms. Nhung is a therapist from Hanh Phuc Nguoi Mu Center. Blind from birth, she posseses superb healing hands and a rare gift of intuition knowing exactly how to identify your stress and tension zones and provide exquisite relief.  


Nhung has more than eight years experience in intuitive healing and has been sharing her special gift since 2003.  






Ms. Nhung is on contract with Six Senses Spa Ninh Van Bay and is not based on the property, however if you would like to meet her, please inform the Spa and they can arrange a session together.

Henri-noel Venturini

Visiting Practitioner

A deeply intuitive healer from a young age Henri uses his extensive knowledge gained from over 20 years of massage, Martial Arts, Tai Chi and Qigong in his practice of Mind Body Medicine. He is the co-founder of Balanced Energy.


Specializing in the mind- body connection Henri’s sessions are tailored to the client’s needs with a focus on resolving whatever is holding them back from enjoyment of life, physically mentally or psychologically.  Henri is an experienced body worker, Tai Chi teacher, Spiritual Counsellor and Energy Healer currently living in New Zealand.

Special Offers

Balanced Energy Treatment
Using his unique Six Element Mandalas, Henri discovers the element that is needed to bring balance for his clients, delivering a tailored massage treatment incorporating TCM, energy healing, vibrational medicine and bodywork techniques for their individual needs. The aim is to bring in a deep sense of relaxation, release and balance throughout the whole system, body mind and soul, to clear away whatever might be blocking by working specifically with the element necessary for balance.


60 minutes / 3,000,000 VND
90 minutes / 4,000,000 VND


Therapeutic Treatment
Henri is an experienced body worker who can deliver an excellent massage to help resolve physical issues such as frozen shoulder, back ache, sciatica and other types of congestion or pain. He can also provide a relaxing massage to ease stress and tension or a deep tissue or sports style massage for those who would need a stronger treatment to ease tougher, muscular knots. Whatever type of massage you choose rest assured that at the end of your treatment with Henri you will feel rejuvenated.


60 minutes / 3,000,000 VND
90 minutes / 4,000,000 VND


August 11 - September 7, 2014


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