Vietnamese Wellbeing Journey

Locally Inspired

A natural and authentic experience

By utilising ingredients, plants and herbs that are indigenous to the local area, we treasure local tradition as the very essence of Six Senses to offer you a truly natural and authentic experience.

Vietnamese Well Being Journey

Start with a fine scrub of Com Xanh (Vietnamese green rice) for a gentle yet thorough exfoliation. This is followed by an aromatic bath of herbs and oils from the indigenous Hmong and Dao hillside tribes of Sa Pa Valley, which relieves joint pain. The unique massage, performed with centuries old healing techniques focusing on the body’s meridian points, is enhanced by the use of bamboo, suction cups and a heated herbal poultice containing the herbs Tia To, Cay Nga Cuu and Kinh Gioi, renowned for their ability to relax the muscles. An organic crystal with Reiki completes the journey. After this local wellness experience, fresh fruits, vegetarian hand rolls and coconut juice or Hung Lui (Vietnamese spearmint) tea from our organic garden are served. This peaceful, soothing sojourn channels total tranquility of both the mind and body.

Green Coffee Body Treatment

This treatment starts with dry brushing to gently exfoliate the skin and stimulate lymphatic circulation. Green coffee concentrate is applied to specific areas to break down cellulite and smoothen skin. A detoxifying wrap follows which also hydrates and firms the skin. A relaxing massage is compliments the treatment.

Exotic Orange Body Polish

Orange is rich in Vitamin A and D, which are both antioxidants. These properties boost overall skin health and immunity and gives a natural resistance to skin infections.

Vietnamese Green Tea Scrub

Green tea, renowned for its antioxidant qualities, also has caffeine which relieves water retention. Combined with sea salt, this scrub leaves your skin visibly smooth and fresh.


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