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Spa Treatment Highlights

Signature Therapies

Unique treatments to calm and rejuvenate

Our signature therapies encourage your worries and stress to melt away. From the 4-hands syncronised massage to specialty massages.

Secret La Stone 4 Hands

Melt tension away with a hot stone massage using smooth, heated basalt stones. The warm stones are placed on tension-prone areas that will be soothed with just the right amount of pressure to encourage muscles to warm up and relax. This is the ideal remedy for chronic muscle tension, highlighted with Reiki.

Amazing Senses 4 hands

Performed by two therapists, this synchronized massage is the ultimate indulgence. With our own unique massage techniques, this therapy will leave you totally relaxed and in complete bliss, concluding with Reiki.

Hideaway Retreat

Designed to restore balance and vitality while melting away stress, Six Senses signature treatments are performed by skilled therapists whose sole aim is to revitalise the senses. These popular Six Senses signature treatments are in addition to the menu of specialty therapies from Thailand and the region.

Hideaway Fusion

Our Fusion Massage is the ultimate customized treatment for your body, assessing your personal energy and tension levels. The therapist uses a variety of modalities of massage to soothe, relax and rejuvenate your body. This massage is all about your specific needs, bringing your body, mind and spirit back to balance.

Reiki Treatment

Universal Life Energy is transmitted through the hands of the practitioner to the recipient to support the body's own ability to heal itself. Allow your own energy to flow smoothly in harmony by removing old blockages and stagnant energy. It is energizing, revitalizing, balancing and deeply relaxing.

Locally Inspired Treatments

Thai healing and pampering treatments

Experience the benefits of traditional Thai treatments, from circulation boosting and energy channels to Num Phung Facials.

Thai Healing

Focusing on the experience of the whole body, emphasis is on the major energy lines, known as ‘Sen’. These Sen run throughout the body. By loosening blockages, the massage will help harmonize the body and recoup any deficiencies of the energy lines. Just as Chinese medicine uses acupuncture to help revive health, traditional Thai massage uses a similar system of pressure points to help heal and relieve stress. The Prana, or life energy, is allowed to freely circulate through the body.

Senses of Samui

Treat your senses and your skin to a tropical oasis of fresh hydration and pampering. Infuse your skin with ultra healing coconut, remove the excessive dead skin cells and strengthen new skin tissue enzymes to address dryness, sun damage and pigmentation. Your skin will be glowing and you will feel completely refreshed. The package includes coconut scrub , coconut wrap and ending with coconut aromatic massage.

Num Phung Facial

Honey is a wonderful ingredient to fight dry skin and to help rejuvenate the skin, which leads to less fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains alpha hydroxy acids, which help to gently exfoliate the skin. It is an ideal product for people with sensitive skin and is often used to combat the formation of pimples. It no wonder that it is used as a facial mask recipe.

Tamarind Skin Exfoliation

This is a mixture of tamarind, honey, fresh milk and sea salt. This treatment uplifts and revives whilst exfoliating the skin with sea salt.

Samoon Prai – Bath Therapy

Provides better blood circulation, relieves stress and muscle pain, cleans and drives waste from the body through your skin, improving the respiratory system, and protecting you from possible rashes, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated

Thai Scent Treatments

Enhance confidence and wellbeing

These traditional Thai scent therapies subtly act upon the relevent senses to enhance the feeling of confidence and wellbeing. 

Thai Boran

Help for relief from stress, this deep relaxation warms and stretches muscles, healing energy flow, greater flexibility, increased and focused energy levels, prevention of injury, relief from sore and aching joints, detoxification, and imparts a feeling of confidence and well-being. No oils are used in Nuad Thai.

Thai Facial

The traditional Thai Facial uses a blend of natural ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate and massage. Finished with a mask to leave skin beautifully refreshed, hydrated or lightened.

Thai Pra Kob

An Asian herbal secret remedy can be added to any of your massages. It relieves muscular pains and aches

Herbal White Clay Wrap

This herbal white clay body wrap will help to drain the toxins and impurities out of your body, it will provide full relaxation and soothing from within.

Oriental Body Glow

A soft mixture of honey and sesame seeds. Exfoliating and hydrating. Very suitable for sensitive skin

Our Spa Experts

Dr.Serge Landrieu M.D. PhD

Myotherapy, Sport for Life, Realignment

Serge has been practicing yoga since the age of 10. His medical background and passion for natural food, sports, science and health makes him very capable as a practitioner and teacher. His specialties are myotherapy, Sport for Life and realignment. Serge is fluent in French, German, English and his native Dutch language.


Guests need only to make reservations one day in advance as Serge will be based here on Koh Samui.

Special Treatments

This is a unique manipulation technique to remove chronic or acute pain in muscles, joints or ligaments.


Sport for Life
Find out what sport and exercise is right for you and the secret of how not to lose interest in it.


Realignment Package
We offer a one-hour private Pilates session with Serge after an assessment of your physical needs, to readjust alignment, symmetry and tone in the whole body structure. After that Serge will loosen the tensioned or painful muscles and ligaments using his technique of Myotherapie. Expect to feel changes in your body starting the day after until up to two weeks following the treatment.

Khun Apissara "Apiss"

Spa Supervisor

Khun Apiss has been spa therapist for over ten years and part of the Six Senses Spa team for more than five years . Her special skill is Reiki and Tibetan Yoga. She also creates and impliments all spa training plans. She is the leader for holistic activities for our guests. She won The Best Spa Therapist on Koh Samui for year 2010.

Khun Nansinee "Jeab"

Spa Therapist & Co Spa Trainer

Khun Jeab has been spa therapist for over eight years, having joined our Six Senses Spa team three years ago. Her special skill is Thai healing massage, or healing energy such as Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Cosmic Healing. She also won The Best Spa Therapist on Koh Samui for year 2012, organized by Thai Spa Association.


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