Horizontal Dining at Table 100
SSSAM Table 100

As if the dining experience was not enough… Dining on the Rocks has introduced Table 100, where guests enjoy the creative cuisine, sip a wine and take in the amazing view whilst reclining on a comfy daybed. Divinely decadent!

Unseen Samui
SSSAM Unseen Samui

Discover the coconut island like no others by visitng the real local places and discovering a few secluded parts of the island.

Farm on the Hill
SSSMU Farm on the Hill

We’ve just unveiled our Farm on the Hill that we have established in the quest to be even more environmentally conscious and to offer an authentic Thai farm experience to guests.

Fitness Boot Camp
SSSMU Boot Camp

When most people think of exercise, they usually think of a gym with weight machines, treadmills, etc. However, we know that when you are travelling, the last place you want to be is in a square closed room when you should be out exploring your new surroundings.

Emotional Wellness
SSSMU Singing bowl

Being emotionally well is more than just handling stress. It involves being attentive to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, whether positive or negative. We’ll guide you to an optimistic approach to life using a unique wellness technique.


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