Join our local adventures

Discover a whole new side of Koh Samui with local and authenic activities

Join our local adventures, which range from Market Tours, traditional Thai Sweets Making, the preparation of Temple Offerings, local Tree Planting, and much more.

Thai Cooking Class

This is a “must do” class for all guests who are interested in learning how to cook Thai cuisine.

Our Thai Chef will have you cooking up a veritable feast in no time! Have fun, learn heaps and savour the rewards of a culinary experience like no other. Also receive a cooking book and embroidered apron as a souvenir.

Sense of Spirit

There is no limitation to what food can be offered at the shrines, and there are many levels of offering. In general, one can offer any pleasing object, particularly objects pleasing to the five senses: form, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

By making offerings you also create potential for future personal results of becoming prosperous, and becoming naturally and spontaneously generous.

Global Tree Planting

We encourage everyone to plant a tree at our herb garden area, to do their little bit to help our world and become involved in the environment.

Fisherman’s Village

A quieter part of Samui and an alternative to the bustling Chaweng.  This area at the north of the island is about 10 to 15 minute drive from the resort. A popular destination due to the excellent choice of amazing restaurants


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