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Whether you are looking for a favorite massage to calm the soul and uplift your spirit, a rejuvenating specialist facial to release inner glow, or perhaps longer term wellness solutions, our comprehensive menu has your whole body covered.

Yogic Sleep

Suitable for novices as well as more experienced yoga practitioners, this program aims to boost the quality of relaxation and thus improve sleep. It combines yoga nidra, pranayama and gentle yoga practice with relaxing spa treatments.

Yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness, is a simple yet hugely effective practice taught lying down. Its goal is to induce full body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness, addressing practitioner’s psychological, neurological and subconscious needs. It also provides a set of mind-body tools that can help guests achieve everyday well-being and often navigate some of life’s hardest moments.  Regular practice leads to the most profound level of relaxation, improved sleep patterns and a stronger immune system.

Available from 3 to 14 nights depending on your preferences, needs and duration of stay.

Discover Yoga

If you wish to experience a new form of body and mind exercise, this is the right program for you. Private sessions of hatha yoga focus on gentle moves with a minimum and effortless flow between each pose. This, combined with guided meditation and breathing exercise, will help regulate the pace of breath, relax and maintain the steadiness of the body, leading to clearer mind and better coordination during yoga practice. Signature massages and energy treatments complement your daily schedule and enhance the results.

Stress release, improved flexibility plus a stronger and more powerful body are additional benefits you can expect to achieve from this program.

Available from 3 to 14 nights depending on your preferences, needs and duration of stay.

Yogic Detox

This program is suitable for more experienced yoga practitioners and draws upon hatha yoga cleansing techniques including sat kriya (movement and breath exercise) to cleanse the internal organs and achieve harmony between the major pranic flows. Aspects of hatha yoga postures known as asanas and more advanced practices of pranayama and meditation are incorporated along with detox treatments to offer a profound experience. Each element of this program is introduced and based on a personalized assessment and guest’s condition.

Available from 5 to 14 nights depending on your preferences, needs and duration of stay.

Meet some of the best experts in alternative medicine, offering physical and spiritual therapies to help you address health concerns, achieve a better state of mind and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Dr. Serge Landrieu, Local Practitioner

Myotherapie is Dr. Serge’s specialty! It is a unique manipulation technique of the muscles to remove chronic oracute pain in muscles, joints or ligaments. Without overstretching or cracking, based on thetheory of muscle-chains, the yoga breathing and physiology change the blueprint of your posture. The results are amazing!

Denis Casarsa, Local Practitioner

Denis is a highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. He sees his approach and mission as an opportunity to bring peace, strength, harmony and understanding between our multiple dimensions: physical, conceptual, emotional, intuitive or spiritual.

Mr. Omesh Langmann, Local Practitioner

Omesh is our freelance Astrology & Palmistry and meditation Healer. Omesh was born in Germany in 1957. He studied theologies, philosophies in university for 5 years and later psychology.

We have a selection of special offers available throughout the month and beyond so get in touch with our spa team and plan your relaxing experience in advance.

Detox & Renew

These therapeutic spa packages will nourish, detoxify and rejuvenate your body, inside out. A pampering solution to today's stressful living. And a great way to have a beautiful body and skin.

Heart & Soul

This ritual promotes grounding and balance through each service performed. This package is designed to reduce stress through a variety of holistic skin treatments, restoring and balancing energy for a harmonious  body, mind and spirit.

Senses of Retreat

This massage can be tailored to soothe body and mind to induce sleep, or to be uplifting, energizing and mind-clearing. Both options target areas of stress and tension to restore balance to mind and body.

Spa Treatment Highlights

Wellness Therapies

Let our skilled therapists introduce you to a menu of specialist treatments offering a personalized journey of healing and rejuvenation, and resulting in a higher sense of well-being.

Synergy Ritual

This ritual promotes grounding and balance through each service, it is achieved through a blend of Holistic techniques that aim to enhance performance reducing anxiety and depression, it is designed to promote deep relaxation and improve your blood circulation. Sessions begin with Senses of aroma massage, followed by Singing bowl sound-healing and Reiki healing energy at the end.

Zen Na Thai Ritual

Created to stimulate lymphatic flow and helping to detoxify the body. Bring comfort and relief to the abdomen with a deeper state of relaxation and a peaceful mind. The session will end with a Reiki Therapy leaving you totally energized, revitalized, balanced and deeply relaxed.

Harmonic Senses Therapy

This is a calming and soothing therapy over the full body in order to achieve an overall sense of well-being. It is a combination of Chakra Balancing Energy and Harmonic Healing Chime techniques. This therapy will allow your energy to flow smoothly by removing old blockages and stagnant energy. The treatment is energizing, revitalizing, balancing and deeply relaxing.


Our massages offer truly individual journeys during which you will discover the power of a healing touch from skilled therapists and attain the quintessential body and mind balance.

Secret La Stone 4 hands

Melt tension away with a hot stone massage using smooth, heated basalt stones. The warm stones are placed on tension-prone areas that will be soothed with the right amount of pressure to encourage muscles to warm up and relax. This is the ideal remedy for chronic muscle tension, ending with Reiki.

Hideaway Retreat

This offer melts away accumulated stress, restores balance and vitality to the body, mind and spirit and leads you to a renewed level of relaxation. We combine the techniques of Thai & Western style massages, ending with a Thai Herbal Compress.

Thai Boran

Help to relief from stress, deep relaxation, warmed and stretched muscles, healing energy flow, greater flexibility, increased and focused energy levels, prevention of injury, relief from sore and aching muscles and joints, detoxification, and a feeling of confidence and well-being. No oils are used in Nuad Thai.

Body Treatments

We have a diverse menu of body treatments which reveal your natural glow and rejuvenate your body, working deep to eliminate toxins, combat cellulite, improve circulation and tone skin.

Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap

A cleansing treatment to help expel toxins and improve circulation.

Aromatic Marine Salt Scrub

Heal and remineralize your skin with this scrub rich in minerals and liquorice.

Coconut Butter Body Mask

This soothing treatment draws out impurities, improves the complexion and protects against UV rays.


...The spa is out of this world, with each treatment room having a view out to sea. I had only planned to go once and ended up in there every day. Yes. you can have a far far cheaper massage outside the resort, but you certainly wouldn't get the same experience...


Guest Comments Review: sarah h

The spa is incredible ... we went twice and loved it. Treatment salas are staggered on a wooded hillside, and you feel you are in your own private spa and wake up to a great ocean view after your massage. Oh, and the staff are excellent and great at what they do. A deeply relaxing experience on every dimension.

Guest Comments Review: rudeboy454

My Wife and I had a number of treatments and were all very good and never felt rushed.







Guest Comments Review: gj23

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Thailand Tourism Awards 2015

Hall of Fame Award for Health Tourism, Health & Resort Spa in Southern Thailand Region

Thailand Tourism Awards 2015

Award of Excellence for Health Tourism, Health & Resort Spa in Southern Thailand Region

Smart Travel Asia Awards 2014

The Ninth Best Spa/Hotel and Resort in Asia



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