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Signature Treatments

Locally Inspired - The Essence of Six Senses

By utilising many ingredients that are indigenous to the local area, we treasure tradition as the very essence of Six Senses to offer you a truly natural and authentic experience.

Signature Yao Noi Ritual

Experience traditional Thai healing techniques combined with the balancing of the four body elements. Start with a relaxing herbal foot soak, steam and body scrub. Enjoy a traditional Thai Massage using ancient herbal packs to improve the flow of “Prana” to ease aches and relieve muscle tension. The skin is rejuvenated with medicinal-aromatic plants and refreshed with a Spicy Herbal Bath to ensure the senses are completely balanced.

Natural Sunburn Soother

A simply soothing treatment that includes foot acupressure or scalp massage. Calming and soothing ingredients are applied to moisturise and encourage new cell growth.

Rice Body Scrub

Full body exfoliation using a rice and almond oil to improve blood circulation. Ideal for combination and oily skin.

Nourishing Hair Treatment

A rehydrating hair treatment complemented with a soothing scalp massage and completed with the application of  coconut mask to hydrate the scalp.

Thai Herbal Body Scrub

Gentle exfoliation using a traditional blend of Thai herbs and tamarind juice to remove dry skin and smooth the complexion.

Sensory Therapies

Entering a deep state of calm

Sensory treatments that create a journey of healing and rejuvenation and a sense of wellbeing, administered by skilled therapists working in harmony to balance the senses.

Sensory Spa Journey

A unique variation of a four hands massage and a cleansing facial performed by two therapists synergistically. Your therapists will work in harmony to take you on a journey of the five senses and beyond. You will experience a cleansing foot bath, skin renewing treats and a truly non-traditional body aroma massage using long, smooth strokes synchronised with a customised facial, a stress relieving scalp massage and foot mask. The natural desire to concentrate on your treatment will disappear as the unusual massage sequence encourages your mind to let go of stress and introduce a deep state of calm.

Customized Massage

No two bodies are the same. We all have individual needs and preferences that is why this massage has been specifically design to ensure you get what you want. You will be able to choose not only the duration but the combination of therapies, music and aromas that your needs at this moment in time.

Dream Catcher Journey

A bespoke journey for the soul. Alleviate tensions and encourage inner peace during a holistic fusion of Indian head massage, Back, Neck and shoulder massage and foot acupressure. A sublime aromatic experience that will allow you to fall into REM sleep.

Detox Massage

A Detox Massage using lymph massage techniques as well invigorative and stimulating techniques for cellulite areas. This massage we will concentrate only on legs, hip, stomach and upper arm.

Hot Stone

Warm basalt stones melt away tension. This ancient therapy uses the therapeutic heat from stones which is slowly released into the heart of the muscle for a completely new body experience. Small stones are placed on key energy points, whilst luxuriously warmed oils are massaged deeply into the body for maximum relaxation

Asian Therapies

Asian techniques to relaxation

Traditional Thai therapies include massages, stretching  and acupressure techniques that will encourage relaxation and open energy channels for a feeling of overall harmony.

Thai Massage

Thai massage technique focusing on pressure points and gentle body stretching along the body’s energy channels. It is offered fully-clothed and without oil, to re-awaken the body’s energy flow.

Thai Herbal Massage

This is an original form of Thai massage using the classic Thai healing herbal packs. While the acupressure works on the meridian lines, the heated herbal compress helps to improve “Prana flow”, ease aches and stimulate circulation.

Oriental Foot Massage

This dynamic treatment works by applying thumb, finger and palm pressure to reflex zones of the feet which correspond to organs and systems in the upper body This therapy is particularly beneficial in treating tension headaches, poor circulation and a sluggish digestive system.

Coconut Body Scrub

Coconut is a natural and highly effective exfoliator and moisturizer. Take advantage of the fresh coconut from the island with all its life force, providing live enzymes to give vitality while improving the skin complexion and smoothing out any rough areas of the skin surface. A gentle scrub to replenish sun kissed bodies with its anti oxidant and hydrating qualities.

Thai Silk Facial

An anti-ageing facial using natural silk cocoons to firm and tone the skin. Originating from North Thailand, the cocoons contain twelve amino acids which improve skin elasticity, reduce appearance of wrinkles and repair sun-damaged skin

Our Spa Experts

Dr Ranjan Kapoor

Spa & Wellness Director

Dr Ranjan is a highly qualified Ayurvedic Doctor and Wellness Consultant from the Himalayan region within India. Having explored many avenues within Ayurveda and other Holistic Spa therapies in past decade, he is then completed masters in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic drainage and in other holistic therapies.


He loves living in Thailand and incorporating his wellness expertise in to Six Senses Spa.
Dr Ranjan provides complimentary wellness consultations introducing Ayurveda, diagnosing your body type or dosha. Exploring your physical, mental and emotional health, to recommend treatments, exercise, activities and dietary advice that will help bring more balance, energy and peace of mind.

Dorelal Singh

Yoga Practitioner

Dorelal is a Yoga expert who has spent many years studying, practicing and teaching various forms of Yoga and Yogic Philosophy. He is a Master in Applied Yoga Science from the traditional Bihar School of Yoga in India.


Working for many years at Ananda in the Himalayas, he has taught in Russia, Korea and other countries in Asia. Dorelal is responsible for the new Discover Yoga Program across all Six Senses Spas.


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