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Asian Therapies

Asian techniques to relaxation

Traditional Thai therapies include massages, stretching  and acupressure techniques that will encourage relaxation and open energy channels for a feeling of overall harmony.

Thai Massage

Thai massage technique focusing on pressure points and gentle body stretching along the body’s energy channels. It is offered fully-clothed and without oil, to re-awaken the body’s energy flow.

Thai Herbal Massage

This is an original form of Thai massage using the classic Thai healing herbal packs. While the acupressure works on the meridian lines, the heated herbal compress helps to improve “Prana flow”, ease aches and stimulate circulation.

Oriental Foot Massage

This dynamic treatment works by applying thumb, finger and palm pressure to reflex zones of the feet which correspond to organs and systems in the upper body This therapy is particularly beneficial in treating tension headaches, poor circulation and a sluggish digestive system.

Coconut Body Scrub

Coconut is a natural and highly effective exfoliator and moisturizer. Take advantage of the fresh coconut from the island with all its life force, providing live enzymes to give vitality while improving the skin complexion and smoothing out any rough areas of the skin surface. A gentle scrub to replenish sun kissed bodies with its anti oxidant and hydrating qualities.

Thai Silk Facial

An anti-ageing facial using natural silk cocoons to firm and tone the skin. Originating from North Thailand, the cocoons contain twelve amino acids which improve skin elasticity, reduce appearance of wrinkles and repair sun-damaged skin


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