Signature Treatments

Locally Inspired - The Essence of Six Senses

By utilising many ingredients that are indigenous to the local area, we treasure tradition as the very essence of Six Senses to offer you a truly natural and authentic experience.

Signature Yao Noi Ritual

Experience traditional Thai healing techniques combined with the balancing of the four body elements. Start with a relaxing herbal foot soak, steam and body scrub. Enjoy a traditional Thai Massage using ancient herbal packs to improve the flow of “Prana” to ease aches and relieve muscle tension. The skin is rejuvenated with medicinal-aromatic plants and refreshed with a Spicy Herbal Bath to ensure the senses are completely balanced.

Natural Sunburn Soother

A simply soothing treatment that includes foot acupressure or scalp massage. Calming and soothing ingredients are applied to moisturise and encourage new cell growth.

Rice Body Scrub

Full body exfoliation using a rice and almond oil to improve blood circulation. Ideal for combination and oily skin.

Nourishing Hair Treatment

A rehydrating hair treatment complemented with a soothing scalp massage and completed with the application of  coconut mask to hydrate the scalp.

Thai Herbal Body Scrub

Gentle exfoliation using a traditional blend of Thai herbs and tamarind juice to remove dry skin and smooth the complexion.


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