Six Senses Zighy Bay - Paragliding

At Home

Don’t move any further than Zighy Bay

Forget a car, a boat or any mode of transport 

Zighy Bay's own natural wonders allow you to put your feet up and the adventures will find you. These include paragliding, moutain biking, swimming and many more.


Paragliding will take place from the top of Zighy Mountain. This is an experience not to be missed. Our professional paraglider will take you around the edge of the mountain range in Zighy Bay, where you can explore the bay from 960 feet (293 meters) above the ground and enjoy the magnificent views.

Mountain Biking

Need a change of scenery? Try mountain biking. You will explore the Hajar Mountains with their wide variety of plants and animals. Downhill Dash and Qasr al Zaiba excursions offer exciting up-close glimpses of Oman’s rugged environment. The Experiences Team also has mountain bikes available for you to explore Zighy Bay. Please wear your helmet at all times, as the roads are busy and the gravel is loose. Your safety is our concern.

Zighy Bay Hikes

There are many hikes to take around picturesque Zighy Bay: Smuggler’s Bay Hike. Our guided experiences make sure that you take the right goat path through the mountain. Be sure to bring proper footwear as the rocks can be loose.


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