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Diving excursions, snorkeling trips, fishing adventures and many more fun activities which you can enjoy with family, friends - old and new, locals and our Six Senses Zighy Bay Hosts.

Snorkelling Excursion

Get out to some of the excellent locations on a snorkeling excursion, where you can see the vibrant colors found on the reef and the schools of fish that adorn them.

Sabatyn 4X4

This easy trek explores the village of the Sabatyn plateau. After a scenic one hour 4x4 drive from Zighy Bay, we reach the plateau about 4000 feet (1200 meters) above sea level. We then continue to Sabatyn; this village stretches along a mountainside with wonderful views down to Wadi Al Bih. 

The village contains an abundance of petroglyphs, stone towers and ancient houses that were once home to farmers tending their large terraced fields. After exploring Sabatyn we climb up to a small village with its cooling subterranean air stream. We continue our trek to our vehicles for the scenic drive home. 

Also enjoy our Sunset Sabatyn excursion: Enjoy a winding drive to the Sabatyn plateau. After finding the perfect spot you will have a selection of canapés and sparkling wine over a campfire as you watch the sun setting over the spectacular mountains. 

During the summer months at Zighy Bay, Sabatyn may be deferred until September 1.

Scuba Diving

Whether you want to try diving for the first time in your life, a leisurely dive or a dive course, you will be able to see Oman’s most spectacular reefs and rock formations plus a colorful selection of marine life. As the scuba diving excursions will be operated in cooperation with SSI / PADI certified diving instructors, please contact your GEM or the Experiences Team for detailed information on sites and any other relevant issues.



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