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Spa Treatment Highlights

Locally Inspired Treatments

Discover the secrets of Oman

For our Locally Inspired Treatments we find inspiration through age-old Omani traditions and only use plants, herbs and ingredients indigenous to the local area.

Wonders of Oman

A great way to increase blood circulation and eliminate toxins. A warm sea salt bath with fresh mint is followed by a body scrub made from local coffee. Enjoy an Arabian Body Rasul with slimming and purifying properties to leave you revitalised and refreshed. Finish with a targeted draining massage using frankincense essential oil.

Arabian Facial

A cleansing and refreshing facial from nature! Pamper your skin by discovering the tasty benefits of figs, almond powder and warm melting honey for your skin. Good enough to eat and ideal for all skin types. Completing the facial is a henna hair mask with a soothing scalp massage!

Natural Sunburn Soother

A natural after-sun recovery treatment using fresh aloe vera and flower essence. The treatment starts with a refreshing cold compress blended with lavender and camomile essential oils. We will also give you a scalp or foot massage. The treatment finishes with the application of fresh aloe vera gel.

Margy's Of Monte-Carlo

Launched in 1993 with luxury standards from Monaco and bio-technology from Switzerland, Margy’s of Monte Carlo is the pinnacle of anti-aging facial products and treatments. Driven by over 25 years of tangible results and affluent subscribers, these therapies deliver exclusive benefits you have to experience to believe.

Traditional Moroccan Hammam

A warm herbal steam is followed by a coating of black soap and gentle exfoliation using the Kese mitt. Next your therapist will apply rasoul purifying clay enriched with seven fragrant herbs. After rinsing, a body milk application completes this wonderful treatment, leaving your skin supple and enriched.

Royal Moroccan Hammam

Your Royal Moroccan Hammam ritual begins with a personalised Moroccan steam, followed by an application of black soap with eucalyptus essential oil. Your therapist then performs the Moroccan total body exfoliation treatment.

Asian Therapies

Re-awaken your senses

Traditional Thai therapies inlcude massages, stretching  and acupressure techniques that will encourage relaxation and open energy channels for the feeling of wellbeing.

Thai Massage

Our Thai massage focuses on pressure points with gentle stretching along the body’s energy channels. It is offered fully-clothed and without oil, and will re-awaken the body’s energy flow.

Thai Silk Facial

Improve your facial skin texture by enjoying a traditional natural silk cocoon with sericin essential protein to firm and tone.

Balinese Massage

Re-awaken your senses and put yourself in a complete state of calm. A full body massage involving a seamless blend of acupressure and skin rolling combined with firm, smooth strokes.

Thai Herbal Massage

A traditional style of Thai massage using classic Thai healing herbs. Acupressure works on the meridian lines while heated herbal compresses help to improve ‘Prana flow’, ease aches and stimulate circulation.

Indian Head Massage

Known in India as champissage, this treatment combines gentle and stimulating techniques on the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp to improve blood flow, nourish the scalp and induce a deep sense of calm.

Bath Rituals & Body Polish

Skin brightening using Six Senses Skin Care

Enjoy a skin brightening experience using Six Senses Skin Care. Body scrubs remove the natural build-up of dead cells. Body masks work beneath the surface and have a renewing effect.

Zighy Bath

Treat yourself with local Omani ingredients of frankincense and salt that immerse you in a mineralizing and cleansing ritual. Also enjoy an accompanying fresh, local Zighy lime and mint juice.

Sunburn Relief

Ageing effects are reduced with a watermelon mix, plus cucumber to soothe and aloe vera to cool. Also enjoy a fresh watermelon and mint juice.

Detoxifying Bath

Lemongrass, cedar wood and geranium combine to detoxify the skin. Served with a detoxifying juice.

Aphrodite Bath

Slip into the scented water as the Goddess of Love and the essence of ylang ylang unite. Sparkling wine on ice and a dish of dark chocolate delights are served to enhance the mood.

Six Senses Signature Scrub

Sensitive skin - jojoba scrub plus Roman chamomile and lavender essences.
Normal skin - rice grain scrub plus ylang-ylang and patchouli essences.
Oily skin - crushed coconut shell scrub plus orange and rosemary essences.

Six Senses Signature Wrap

Detoxifier - detoxifying.
Body Toner - uplifting, toning and firming.
Body Refiner - refining and nourishing, ideal for sensitive skin.

Our Spa Experts

Shivani Adalja

The Life Alignment

Shivani is regarded as one of the leading new age wellbeing consultant in the Middle East. She was born with the ability to see colors, aura and energy fields. With a Masters Degree in Sociology, Shivani is also an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, certified Tarot card reader and Master practitioner of Feng Shui, and an expert in the field of Energy Management.

Learn More about Shivani Adalja

Shivani helps her clients align and harmonize their lives by balancing their inner and outer environments, through Aura Alignment, Feng Shui alignment, Workshops and Private Consultations. Her readings are profoundly accurate and she is known for getting straight to the core of the issue, helping you to move forward with strength and clarity.

The main aim of Alignment Therapy is to bring about equilibrium, aligning you with your life purpose and empower you to take control of your life.

Special Offers

Aura Scanning
Shivani assesses and measures the Aura colors with naked eye and then confirms her observation through Aura Video Station, a Biofeedback system that helps you to see your Aura and chakras live in motion. Aura alignment facilitates you to balance your personal and professional life.

Tarot Card Reading
During a private Tarot reading consultation, Shivani focuses on your main concerns and gains guidance from the cards. Her aim is to suggest solutions for the challenges through the beautiful images of the cards. She combines her knowledge of Aura Alignment, NLP and Feng Shui Alignment while conducting the reading.

Meditation means awareness. Whatever you do with awareness is meditation. Special life alignment meditation helps you to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.


April 19 to 23, 2014

Steve Harvey

Wellness Director

Steve Harvey is a gifted holistic healer, energy therapist, and life coach who has established a reputation treating celebrated clients.






Learn More about Steve

Steve believes that today's spa goers are looking for something that revitalizes their senses and nourishes their mind, body and soul. His many clients use his expertise and wisdom to assist in keeping their lives, health, relationships and attitudes steadily on track.


Steve emphasizes the importance of a body, mind and spirit approach to wellness. His knowledge and vision of integrating Eastern and Western, ancient and modern, traditional and non-traditional therapies has inspired many. With gentleness, compassion, and lots of humor, he has a gift for identifying blocks and patterns that are keeping a person stuck and uses his evolving intuitive gifts and clearing techniques to help people to focus on growth, understanding, and healing.

Special Offers

Steppingstone Sessions – Step into your Brilliance!

Inspire your mind, uplift your spirits and soothe your soul. Steve Harvey has trained under the most effective masters in the world and has created his own one-of-a-kind healing modality called Steppingstone Sessions. Combining an array of healing modalities and new cutting-edge techniques and processes such as The Demartini Method, The Work, EFT and Ayurveda, he brings a multifaceted and multidisciplinary style to his work by using a uniquely integrative approach.


This simple technique often provides rapid relief from physical and emotional issues (for example, trauma, phobias, grief, anger, anxiety, addictive cravings, fear, depression, chronic fatigue and pain, headaches and much more). It is equally effective in bringing about positive changes in one’s life, enhancing performance and improving self-esteem. Step forward with your hindrances and break free.


Ninety minutes / One hundred twenty five OMR



Personalized Lifestyle Consultation

Schedule a brief personalized lifestyle consultation with Steve Harvey to determine your holistic wellness goals and be able to take an immediate action step in a new direction. Steve brings to light the right way to proceed in concert with several cutting edge methods and how to apply new approaches to best serve each guest’s unique circumstances in perfect timing.


Thirty minutes / with our compliments

Nicola Hok

Visiting Practitioner

Nicola Hok BTAA BA(UK) was among the first to study the Bowen Technique in the UK, learning from world authorities Ossie & Elaine Rentsch in 1993.  She has a life-long interest in complementary medicine and a background in reflexology, massage and shiatsu.



Learn More about Nicola

Nicola uses the Bowen Technique in preference to the other physical disciplines she has studied because: “It’s all about effectiveness. Why make someone come to me with a frozen shoulder for weeks on end when one or two sessions with Bowen will probably do the job?”


She was invited to become an Academy Instructor by the Rentschs in 1997, and became a Senior Instructor for the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia in 2001. She has applied Bowen all over the world from South America to Africa & the Far East and taught in Northern Ireland and Eire, Spain, Norway and South Africa as well as throughout the UK.


In 2008 Nicola came across EmoTrance and was so impressed with it that she immediately trained as a practitioner.  Since then she has completed all the available training and also become qualified to teach this incredible technique to others.

Special Offers

Bowen Technique

Bowen is a dynamic series of gentle and relaxing moves over muscles and tendons that empowers the body’s own healing and resources to achieve balance and harmony and results in fast and lasting relief from pain and discomfort.

  • It balances the physical, mental and emotional planes. 
  • Its rejuvenating effect enhances the quality of our lives.
  • Often give substantial relief after the first session
  • Produces maximum results with minimum intervention

The treatment consists of small cross-fibre moves at specific locations over muscles, tendons and ligaments on the body which are gentle and relaxing. There is NO forceful manipulation.

Ideally the client will lie on a bed or therapy couch, though if necessary the work can be done with the client seated. The therapist will perform 2 – 4 small gentle movements on the client’s body and will then leave the room for a minimum of two minutes before returning to make the next moves. The pauses are an integral part of the treatment.

Suitable for anyone from newborns to the elderly and for a wide range of conditions from sports injuries to organic complaints, this innovative, gentle technique frequently gives substantial relief after the first session. It produces maximum results with minimum intervention.

Sixty minutes / One hundred and twenty OMR



April 1 to 28, 2014


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