dcsimg Roma Singh, Visiting Practitioner

Roma Singh, Visiting Practitioner

Roma Singh

Roma Singh, Visiting Practitioner

Roma believes that the components that contribute to both health and illness emerge from all facets of one’s life – work, relationships, physical habits and belief patterns or conditioning.  Every session is aimed at gently guiding her clients into physical and emotional well-being. Roma has a client base of over 5,000 clients, spread all over in India, Europe, UAE and the US.

Transform with Self-Empowerment
Self-empowerment comes from connecting with the subconscious mind which is a huge data bank about ourselves.  When we are at a crossroad in our life,  lost and confused, the guidance we seek comes from our very own subconscious mind. Tapping into this magical power, we are able to bring about all the changes in our lives that we desire.

Past Life Regression
The numerous Past Lives that we have lived influence issues that we may have in Relationships,  Fears & Phobias, Chronic Ailments and Addictions.  In sessions we release, heal and let go of negative Past Life memory cells with forgiveness in the soul world. The result….amazing changes emerge! I would like to add that several sessions of Past Life Regression may be necessary to achieve desired results.

Soul Retrieval & Integration
In relationships, whether positive or negative ones, we unknowingly collect others energies or fragments of their souls and disburse our own. Soul Integration helps in becoming centered, whole and complete.

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