dcsimg Sandra Laznik, Visiting Practitioner

Sandra Laznik, Visiting Practitioner

VP Sandra Laznik

Sandra Laznik, Visiting Practitioner

Sandra Laznik is a passionate wellness practitioner from Slovenia. She graduated at University of Sport Science in Slovenia, where besides becoming a professor of sport education, gained fitness instructor and aerobic instructor credentials. She upgraded her knowledge by completing TRX ® suspension trainer course, Gliding ® course and successfully completed a course in classical and sports massage.

Sports massage
Relieve pain, prevent stiffness, return muscles back to their normal state and recover from fitness exertions. The holistic massage works within your pain thresholds to enhance endurance, lessen the chance of injury using classical methods from Swedish massage, trigger point therapy and passive stretches.

Face Lift - Holistic FACE Massage
Based on “Squeeze – Push” Technique with added pressure and “Stretch – Pull” Technique, this holistic massage is not working only on your face skin and positively effecting the lymph system but goes directly on to your muscles. Facial muscles can be physically trained and provide a natural face lift and stop the ageing effects that are first shown right on the face. This spa treatment will, however, require a bit of your attention too, as you are going to actively cooperate in the treatment.

Sacred Feet - Holistic FEET Massage
Sacred Feet Holistic FEET Massage combines the knowledge of foot reflexology, physical exercise program – manipulation effecting muscles from the ankle below and a secret tao breathing technique – where your feet start to “breathe”. It gives a feeling of enormous connection, comfort and safety, improves body balance and body posture and balances the work of internal organs so you may confidently “step forward”.

Fitness and recover package
A work out and recovery series with Sandra which enables her to personalise a fitness and recovery series of 3 hours in whichever manner best suits you. Work out and recover with a sports massage or holistic therapy.

Yoga Session
Session that gives you true fitness and brings inner-strength, clarity and calmness. You will be offered tools that will help you maintain health, balance hormones, reduce weight and tone muscles. Not to forget that you will feel much more centered and connected in your body & mind.  

Pilates Session
Will be the right thing for you if you are looking for a healthier, stronger back; a flatter tummy and a better posture. Carefully selected exercises build the body's core strength, develop muscles without adding bulk and offer a balancing connection between body and the mind

Fitness session (one-on-one)

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