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Spa Experts - Six Senses Spa at Esentai Tower, Almaty - Kazakhstan

Spa Experts

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Liam Harkness, Visiting Practitioner

Liam has a gift for intuitive healing which greatly complements his scientific approach to rehabilitation and pain relief. His clinical assessments of physical dysfunction are becoming the standard for physical therapists across Asia. Liam’s knowledge of anatomy combined with his understanding of movement and biomechanics have tailored his treatment approach to include deep tissue massage, active isolated stretching and manual resistance strengthening techniques. Liam graduated as a Sport Therapist from Exeter College in 1995 and now specializes in exercise rehabilitation and preventive care. He is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapist and is based in Malaysia. His ability to diagnose dysfunction at the root cause as well as treat the physical symptoms on the many complex levels has gained Liam a popular client list including international stars, celebrities and professional athletes.

You are welcome to experience the following treatments with Liam: Myofascial Release (a safe and very effective hands-on technique that eliminates pain and restores motion), Active Isolated Stretching, and Counterstain Treatments (gentle indirect technique for treating the painful patient).

Ana Mattos, Visiting Practitioner

Originally from Brazil and now based in the UK, Ana is a specialist in cranial and pediatric osteopathy, osteopathy for pre and post-partum, women’s health and osteopathy for the elderly, and naturopathic osteopathy. While living in New Zealand she trained in Sports Massage therapy, Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies and developed interest for manual therapies. In 2004 Ana graduated British+F30:F34+F30:F34h College of Osteopathic Medicine, following with a Masters in Pediatric Osteopathy and further training on Osteopathy in the Cranial Fielding.

Ana offers following treatments to our guests: Osteopathy for Adults (structural and Cranial), Pediatric Osteopathy, and Naturopathic Osteopathy.

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Souhel El-Achbah, Spa Cluster Director

Souhel has spent more than 22 years in wellness; he is a German citizen with a rich experience in weight loss, detox and fitness. Souhel has worked with royal families, prime ministers and famous people all over the world in places such as Germany, Oman, Cyprus, Emirates, USA and Egypt,. He is now Director of Six Senses Spa Almaty and Spa Cluster Director.


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