dcsimg Abdoulaye Fadiga, Visiting Practitioner

Abdoulaye Fadiga, Visiting Practitioner

VP Abdoulaye Fadiga

Abdoulaye Fadiga, Visiting Practitioner

Abdoulaye Fadiga specializes in mental and physical coaching, which includes boxing, general physical preparedness and biomechanics together with nutrition and health. He has twice held the prestigious title of World Champion of Muay Thai together with the French Champion title for nine times. Abdoulaye is the founder and CEO of the company ‘Champion Spirit’, and one of the most respected European sports academies, ‘50 Foch by Abdoulaye Fadiga’, which is based in Paris.

Champion Spirit Training
After more than 10 years of experience Abdoulaye Fadiga  developed a bespoke and extremly efficient work out program. Benefits of this method have been appreciated and used by World class athletes , Top Executives , busy Mothers or Famous Supermodels. These Coaching Sessions include general physical and mental preparation, interval training, circuit training, boxing lessons and many other techniques that would enable the client to reach his most desired level of fitness and learn a healthy way of life.

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