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Combining some of the best holistic treatments with the healing benefits of the surrounding environment plus the expert knowledge of our spa team, our wellness programs will set you on a path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Discover Yoga

If you wish to experience a new form of body and mind exercise, this is the right program for you. Private sessions of hatha yoga focus on gentle moves with a minimum and effortless flow between each pose. This, combined with guided meditation and breathing exercise, will help regulate the pace of breath, relax and maintain the steadiness of the body, leading to clearer mind and better coordination during yoga practice. Signature massages and energy treatments complement your daily schedule and enhance the results.

Stress release, improved flexibility plus a stronger and more powerful body are additional benefits you can expect to achieve from this program.

Available from 3 to 14 nights depending on your preferences, needs and duration of stay.

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This program has been designed in conjunction with our partner Eucrasia to help you achieve a natural state of health and harmony through diagnostic clinical tests and a customized antioxidant Mediterranean diet combined with wellness treatments and activities.

Program inclusions:

  • Hormonal, biochemical, blood and cytokines adiposities scanning
  • Cellular stress scanning.
  • Ergo-physiological scanning that detects RQ index, metabolic rates and respiratory conditions.
  • Two consultations with our expert nutritionist.
  • One online consultation with Eucrasia specialist in pathology, diabetes and metabolism.
  • Full board tailored dietary plan based on traditional Cretan recipes, using organic, local herbs and plants with therapeutic qualities.
  • Two functional snacks per day.
  • Fitness consultation with Fusionetics
  • Two personal training sessions per week.
  • Four Six Senses detox treatments per week
  • Follow up after completion of your program. We will host you for one month in a specialized personalized internet environment, where all test results and expert consultations will be available.
  • Daily access to all group wellness activities 
  • Daily access to the indoor and outdoor thalassotherapy pool

OLOUS Preventive health check up

Olous preventive health check programs involve the latest, reliable and pain-free diagnostics with cutting edge medical procedure and technology. A detailed consultation, medical report and follow up are provided for you and your medical practitioner. All programs are carefully designed to be stress free and with the intention of minimum interference to your stay.

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Meet some of the best experts in alternative medicine, offering physical and spiritual therapies to help you address health concerns, achieve a better state of mind and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Sergey Manik, Professional Therapist

Sergey has worked as a professional therapist for over 20 years. His approach includes detox, deep tissue, holistic, Thai and ayurveda massages. His traditional theraputic background is complemented by his vast knowledge of different alternative practices.

Vassilis Verikokidis, Wellness Trainer

A personal trainer and a wellness therapist, Vassilis has developed a monadic approach to wellness. He incorporates elements of suspension training, neuromuscular balance with various massage styles ranging from Thai massage to Ayurveda, Eastern therapies and exercise movements. Each session is tailored on the individual to create a memorable treatment experience.

Marina Koutsogianni, Yoga Teacher

Marina Koutsogianni qualified as a yoga teacher at the School of Santhi in India and studied acupuncture at London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Over the years, she has lived, travelled and studied across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Her teaching style has been influenced by her lifelong passion for art, dance and movement. Each class incorporates a flow of soft and organic movements, which are profoundly feminine yet deeply energetic and dynamic, offering a transformative experience which unfolds the soul and heals the body. Marina’s love for creative expression spans from therapeutic aerial yoga to healing cooking classes.

We have a selection of special offers available throughout the month and beyond so get in touch with our spa team and plan your relaxing experience in advance.

A quick sunny getaway

Soak up the last sweet bits of summer before it officially comes to an end with a very special offer from Six Senses Spa Elounda at porto elounda - GOLF & SPA RESORT in Crete. Stay for three nights between October 10 and 30, 2016 and enjoy daily breakfast, a signature massage and scrub per person as well as access to the thalasso pool and mini cures.  You couldn’t wish for a more relaxing mid-Autumn getaway!

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Body Elixir Rejuvenation Program

This program expertly combines bio-smoothies and functional natural products from EATWALK with ANIKA detox treatments and wellness activities to improve well-being on all levels.Three different smoothies made with local dairy products (or dairy product alternatives) and three natural bars are served daily. Some of the benefits of this program include a boost to the metaboloc antioxidant capacity, neutralization of catabolic stress hormones, increased energy and stamina, improved skin elasticity and firmness, and light weigh loss.

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Fitness Bundle

Buy a bundle of eight Personal Training sessions and receive a Six Senses signature massage with our compliments.

Nine hours / EUR 380 (Save EUR 225)

Spa Treatment Highlights


Our massages offer truly individual journeys during which you will discover the power of a healing touch from skilled therapists and attain
the quintessential body and mind balance.

Ayurveda Aromatherapy Abhyang Fusion

Calming, detoxifying and rejuvenating, this full body Ayurveda Aromatherapy treatment expertly merges Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, marma massage, reflexology, remedial techniques, lymphatic drainage and chakra balancing.

The experience starts with a mineral-rich foot ritual to induce relaxation, then continues with a full body massage using rich aromatic oil blends selected to achieve specific results such as detoxification, better sleep, strengthening of muscles and joints, reducing the signs of cellulite or a jet lag relief.

Tuina Massage

Balance the body and mind with a traditional Chinese acupressure massage which stimulates the movement of energy in the meridians and muscles. 

Absolute Wellness with Crystals

Balance your chakras with a full body massage using crystals and gems.

Body Treatments

We have a diverse menu of body treatments which reveal your natural glow and rejuvenate your body, working deep to eliminate toxins, combat cellulite, improve circulation and tone skin.

Aegean Breeze with Salt and Olive Oil

A cleansing and nourishing treatment starting with a herbal scrub, made from Cretan sea salt and olive oil to remove dead cells, leaving
the skin soft and rejuvenated. Completed with a body massage using olive oil infused with essential oils, according to individual needs. 

Sweet Honey and Yoghurt

Intensely hydrating and nourishing treatment utilizing the ingredients of APIVITA's Greek honey and yoghurt. It begins with a rejuvenating body scrub to remove dead cells and activate skin rejuvenation, and is completed with a vitamin-rich body mask to reinforce the health and elasticity of the skin.

Algotherapy with Seaweed and Bitter Orange

An intensive firming and revitalizing treatment ideal after dieting or pregnancy. It combines
a body exfoliation with a seaweed mask rich in essential oils, to restore the firmness of the skin. 


Glowing skin is an outward reflection of your inner health and to help you achieve this, our facials do more than just treat the surface.

Holistic Radiance

A rejuvenating facial for dull and tired-looking skin. It uses an acupressure diffusion technique to invigorate and tone, and a vitamin-rich mask to hydrate and nourish. Suitable for all skin types.

Queen Bee Face

Restore and firm the skin with this nourishing facial using the beneficial properties of royal jelly and honey. APIVITA’s face massage stimulates specific energy points to activate regeneration, whilst the ingredients deeply nourish and revitalize the skin.

Wine Elixir

An anti-aging and firming facial utilizing the powerful antioxidant qualities of red wine. Acupressure diffusion and lymphatic drainage techniques activate skin regeneration, whilst a red wine mask offers a naturally lifting experience.


Each therapist has been superb in their own way. Each one carries with them the ethos of the spa and they imbue a sense of trust that is a pleasure to give and receive.

Guest Comments Review: Rosie O.

Everyone was very pleasant, helpful and allowed me to timely relax and unwind. Outstanding experience. Thank you


Guest Comments Review: Nicholas A.

I am amazed. Everyone has made me feel very cared for and valued. An exceptional spa experience.



Guest Comments Review: Vanessa N.


Condé Nast Traveller Spa Awards 2015

Most Progressive Detox Program in the World

Spafinder Readers’ Choice Awards 2014

Best Spa in Greece



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