dcsimg Spa Experts - Six Senses Spa at Porto Elounda, Crete - Greece

Spa Experts - Six Senses Spa at Porto Elounda, Crete - Greece

Spa Experts

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Konstadina Saridaki, Head Therapist
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Konstadina is well versed in the art of healing. She has a diverse therapeutic experience in massage, body treatments and facials which draw from the Chinese, Indian, Turkish and Asian philosophies. She is an amazing therapist for energy healing and crystal therapy.

Paula Ramirez, Yoga Trainer

An expert in Yoga, Aqua Yoga and Thai massage, Paula is an invaluable part of the spa team. She graduated in Physical Education and Sports from the university of INEF in Coruna, where she also minored in holistic health. 

Vassilis Verikokidis, Wellness Trainer

A personal trainer and a wellness therapist, Vassilis has developed a monadic approach to wellness. He incorporates elements of suspension training, neuromuscular balance with various massage styles ranging from Thai massage to Ayurveda, Eastern therapies and exercise movements. Each session is tailored on the individual to create a memorable treatment experience.


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