dcsimg Heathrow Airport Spa, Spa Etihad Airways Premium Lounge

Heathrow Airport Spa, Spa Etihad Airways Premium Lounge


Our massages offer truly individual journeys during which you will discover the power of a healing touch from skilled therapists and attain the quintessential body and mind balance.

Bamboo Fusion

Relieve stress around the shoulders and upper back with this deep pressure massage using bamboo.

Lom Pran Meridian Massage

A tension-releasing massage with Thai origins for reducing headaches and relaxing muscles by applying pressure on corresponding meridian lines.

The Realignment

Improves overall well-being and releases tension by stimulating energy meridians in the neck, shoulders, back and arms; using Yoga movements and energizing massage techniques.


Glowing skin is an outward reflection of your inner health and to help you achieve this, our facials do more than just treat the surface.

Eye Retreat

Revitalize the under-eye area with a soothing treatment combining acupressure with lymphatic movements.

Face Radiance

Helps regain your glow and fight the effects of environmental stress by combining a gentle cleanse with a smooth exfoliation and hydrating toner.

Spa Experts

Meet some of the best experts in alternative medicine, offering physical and spiritual therapies to help you address health concerns, achieve a better state of mind and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Charles Rayappan, Spa Therapist

Charles is passionate about natural healing and is qualified in Reflexology and Reiki, Ayurveda Massage, Pranic Healing, Trancendental and Vipasana Meditation, as well as in Thai Massage. He holds a Master's Degree in Psychotherapy and Counseling, and a Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga. He has been practicing and teaching complementary medicine for over 15 years and conducts group meditation among our hosts to keep the spa a harmonious place of work.

Jasmita Thakersee, Spa Trainer

Jasmita has a natural passion for the spa industry with an individual track record of success and many accomplishments. She drives a strong vision of excellence in spa treatments, operations and guest satisfaction. She trains, coaches and motivates our hosts to deliver solid performance, and encourages them to exceed their objectives and achieve their potential.

Kodou Cham, Spa Therapist

Kodou joined Six Senses in 2012 with four years’ experience as a team leader. She specializes in facials and is fully qualified in holistic therapies including Hot Stone Massage, Hopi Ear Candling and Asian bridal make up.


Very good neck and back massage. I would  recommend it to anyone before a long journey!!


Guest Comments Review: Mr. Sutherland

Very friendly and helpful service. The facial was excellent and relaxing. Thank you


Guest Comments Review: Dr. Alhilou

The therapist was wonderful. It was a relaxing and beautiful experience especially before a long flight and all the anxieties of travel. 

Guest Comments Review: Mrs. Haun



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