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Albert Lee (travelling with Jessie Quon), Visitng Practitioners

Albert began martial arts at the age of five and has been immersed in the healing arts since 1999. He has received over 4000-hours of formal training in traditional bodywork, holistic medicine and movement practices. As a lifelong student of meditation and the Qi arts, Albert is an assistant instructor of Xingyiquan and a member of the North American Tang Shou Tao, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, research and dissemination of traditional Chinese martial and medical arts. He has been teaching Thai Massage and maintaining a private practice in Toronto and Montreal since 2008.

Jessie has studied massage modalities from Japan, Thailand, Kazakhstan and Cambodia; dedicated since the age of 18 to practising these traditions from the East. Having had a fascination with the body and an inclination for working with detailed patterns, Jessie developed acuity for working with meridians. Each system helped her to gain a deeper understanding of the body and how to treat various issues.

In 2011, Jessie started training in Structural Energy Awakening, a technique that is highly effective for treating structural injuries and misalignments, based on an ancient Khmer system within the framework of anatomical and myofascial knowledge; deep tissue energy work, essentially. She incorporates this therapy system with her unique approach.

Her extensive massage background allows her to access the entire spectrum from relaxation to therapeutic, blending as needed for each session.

Structural Energy Awakening 
SEA is a structural alignment therapy which looks to the source of chronic pain and orthopaedic-related conditions from the viewpoint of the meridians which govern muscle and tendon, and thereby movement of the body. The approach is based on first understanding of the habits and compensations which have distorted the structure from its optimal alignment, as to target the appropriate key joints and muscular convergence points and restore proper function. This is done by taking in client history along with a standing body assessment to try and understand the whole picture of a given issue. A succession of treatments begins from the lower extremities and foundations of posture, working towards the torso and upper body.
It is performed fully clothed with no oils on a floor matt.

Shiatsu Acupressure
This ancient Japanese acupressure technique evacuates stagnant toxins from body by applying a momentary compression followed by a release, resulting in a vacuum effect whereby fluid is flushed through the tissues. This allows nutrients to circulate again, affecting all systems of the body and restoring a sense of wellbeing . The deep and slow rhythmic style of pressure is applied to the whole body thoroughly and methodically, putting you into a transcendently relaxed state. This treatment is recommended for anyone who feels a general sluggishness in the body, or areas of the body. 
It is performed fully clothed with no oils on a floor matt.

Thai Yoga Massage
Famously coined as “Lazy Man’s Yoga” because of the stretching techniques which are applied by the practitioner while the client remains passive, this modality effectively relieves mobility issues and restores the natural fluidity of the body. It is recommended as an invigorating treatment for anyone feeling heaviness or blockage, while also being a deeply relaxing experience. Some acupressure techniques are used, but stretching and joint mobilisations are the main approach. 
It is performed fully clothed with no oils on a floor matt.

Jin Shin Do Acupressure
This Japanese “body mind acupressure” technique is used to explore the connection of physical symptoms with their corresponding emotional blockages, seeing them as trapped emotions in the body. By creating a dialogue between the body and mind, we can release these blockages by compassionately observing and understanding them. This leads to many systemic conditions being alleviated such as digestive disorders, headaches, glandular imbalances and menstrual issues as a few examples.

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