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VP Dana

Danijela Bhandari, Visiting Practitioner

Dana has spent over 20 years in the medical and wellbeing field, both allopathic and alternative. On her life journey from Croatia and Serbia to UAE, Nepal, India and now Maldives she was blessed to have been taught and guided by many living masters of Yoga, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and other alternative healing modalities which she now integrates into her holistic, hypnotherapy sessions.

Each session is individually designed to help you dialogue with your subconscious mind. Like a tour guide, Dana assists you through a heightened state of awareness under hypnosis, into the temple of your own mind, where precious, hidden insights are unraveled, healed and integrated into your conscious awareness, helping you to make better, more informed choices in life.

Dana is a Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner & Trainer, registered with California Hypnosis Institute, USA, and Indian Institute of Hypnotherapy, India.

Deep Healing in Hypnosis
Discover how certain fears and phobias, childhood imprints or any events and situations which could be from this life or carried across time fuel your experience of yourself in here and now. Dana will assist you on a journey of identifying, healing and integrating all these limitations of your physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual nature which stand between the life you live and the life you wish to live. Age Regression, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Desensitization and many other hypnotherapy tools are used to achieve all the above.

Hypnosis for Soul Guidance
Log into your inner place of deep wisdom and be guided by your Higher Self, getting the clarity and information you are ready to receive at this point in time.

Hypnosis for Relaxation & Self Hypnosis
Experience the benefits of the comfortable state of alert relaxation and learn how to practice Self Hypnosis with affirmations which you can effectively use to relax your physical body, calm your mind and work on certain conditions you wish to strengthen even on your own.

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