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Ramadan Treat

Rejuvenate your body with a re-energizing journey starting with our signature Movement Restoration full body massage followed by an express facial. Your experience concludes with our special Ramadan juice.

120 minutes / KWD 55

Hammam Glow Package

Start your experience with an authentic Moroccan Hammam which includes a honey and yogurt coconut hair mask. Continue with the Tension Soother massage to release muscle tension and conclude with our cleanse and detox smoothie. 

90 minutes / KWD 55

Wellness Screening Package

Find out how body treatments can improve your well-being and have a screening before and after your massage. Wellness screening uses advanced technology to analyze key physiological biomarkers of health. 

Book a wellness screening and get the second one with our compliments and save 20 percent on a massage of your choice. 

Two screenings / KWD 35

Yogic Programs

Discover Yoga
Ideal for complete novices and guests looking for alternative body and mind practice, the Discover Yoga programme combines daily private sessions of Hatha Yoga, meditation and pranayama with Six Senses signature treatments.

Yogic Detox
Ideal for yoga aficionados and guests looking for less punishing detox programs, Yogic Detox combines aspects of asana (Hatha yogic postures); pranayama, meditation and a balanced diet along with Satkriya to offer a profound experience. These programmes are complemented by a variety of detox and energy treatments. The ultimate goal is to detoxify the body and mind in a controlled and safe manner.

Yogic Sleep
To lead a well-balanced and happy life we need to eliminate or reduce stress so that the mind and body can function to their optimum. A negatively active mind can have adverse effects on the body. This yogic program works holistically, balancing the mind, body and soul, all in a relaxed environment allowing you to reconnect with yourself and get a better good night’s sleep.



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