dcsimg Carole Thompson, Visiting Practitioner

Carole Thompson, Visiting Practitioner

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Carole Thompson, Visiting Practitioner

Carole’s career in wellness began its journey in 1997 as a Registered Exercise Professional from the UK.  Today she teaches Pilates, Yoga, Chinese Healing Exercises, Aqua and Dance Aerobics for individuals and groups. Her portfolio also combines certificationand extensive experience in massage, holistic beauty and spa therapy.

Her passion for optimal wellness, positive lifestyle changes and travel saw her further her studies and research into philosophy of Ayurveda whilst living in Austral-Asia. 

The curator of her own mobile wellness service, she has been sharing her diverse techniques around the world, combining her abilities with heightened sensitivity, awareness, intuition, open heart and creative mind. Aiming to provide the highest standard of practice, KK receives excellent feedback on her classes and treatments and enjoys most seeing her clients leaving her sessions, refreshed, relaxed, with a new sense of well being and

Hot Rock Bodyworks
Through the careful placement of basalt stones at key points on the body, these heated elements will melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, whilst increasing circulation and metabolism. Combined with therapeutic oils joint release and rebalancing technique, this bodywork promotes deep muscle relaxation restoring the body toits natural state of equilibrium.

Detoxification Cupping Therapy
A revolutionary skin lift and stimulating massage using suction silicone cups with Ayurvedicfirming and toning oils.  Combined with fascia release massage technique, stimulation of organs and reflexology, this treatment helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, uneven skin tone and fluid retention. It drains toxins and stagnation out of the body, boosting circulation and the flow of energy. Blood flow to the surface of skin increases, also repairing damaged skin naturally in just a few minutes a day! 

Remedial Release Massage
A deep tissue massage thatdeliversstrong pressure techniques usingtrigger point release and assisted stretching. Ideal for chronic stiffness and soreness, to relief areas of congestion, loosen muscle tissue, disperse toxins and promote circulation of oxygen.  This firm massage will also encourage your breath work to flow through the session to assist with further release and pressure will be adapted to ones own personal needs andspecific areas of concern.

Anti Stress Massage
Aboriginal ancestral bodyworks combined with fluid strokes, stretches and intuitive energetic releases forms a unique experience for you. This massage is guided by your mind body and souls needs,as a feeling of bliss flows through you, leaving your muscles and nerves soothed and relaxed.

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