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Spa in Marbella, Luxury Spa At Puente Romano

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Combining some of the best holistic treatments with the healing benefits of the surrounding environment plus the expert knowledge of our spa team, our wellness programs will set you on a path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Six Senses Integrated Wellness

This innovative approach to wellness allows our in-house expert to measure and analyze key physiological biomarkers and provide guests with lifestyle, and design a personalized program of spa treatments, fitness and wellness activities based on the preventative principles of the Eastern medicine approach and the result-oriented Western influences.

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Yogic Programs

Breathe, stretch and rejuvenate with our yogic programs that deliver the optimum body and mind balance.

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Meet some of the best experts in alternative medicine, offering physical and spiritual therapies to help you address health concerns, achieve a better state of mind and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

We have a selection of special offers available throughout the month and beyond so get in touch with our spa team and plan your relaxing experience in advance.

Signature Senses Facial by QMS Medicosmetics

Developed exclusively for Six Senses Spa Marbella, this rejuvenating treatment is inspired by the timeless beauty of pearls, capturing the benefits of this precious ingredient.   

At the heart of the facial is mother of pearl extract; its valuable beautifying properties have been combined with advanced science and restorative massage techniques to create a relaxing and age-defying treatment experience.  The treatment stimulates metabolism activity in the skin, increases oxygenation, promotes radiance and a more youthful-looking skin by regenerating new skin growth and collagen stimulation, and neutralizing skin-damaging free radicals. Skin is left smoother, more toned and imbued with a natural lustre. This experience extends beyond the face to the arms and décolleté with an enriching massage of vitamin enriched oil with mother of pearl extract; deep hydration of the hands and firming of the neck area. 

90 minutes / EUR 390 

Puente Romano Spa Journey

A unique experience performed by two therapists who simultaneously perform dry body brushing, followed by a synchronized full body aroma massage. The journey concludes with a cleansing facial ritual, foot acupressure and scalp massage to induce a deep sense of calm.

50 minutes / EUR 250
80 minutes / EUR 350

Chocolate Hammam

This ritual starts with herbal steam followed by the application of black soap and back massage to deeply remove impurities and prepare the body for exfoliation using the hammam mitt. This treatment concludes with a warm and hydrating chocolate mask, rich in antioxidants. Hair wash and conditioning as well as mini facial are included.

80 minutes / EUR 275

Spa Treatment Highlights


Our massages offer truly individual journeys during which you will discover the power of a healing touch from skilled therapists and attain the quintessential body and mind balance.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep oil-based massage to ease muscle tension and reawaken your senses. Silicone cups are used to lift connective tissue and improve blood flow to sluggish skin and muscles.

Detox Massage

A stimulating massage using firming and toning oils to reduce the appearance of cellulite, uneven skin tone and fluid retention.  Silicone cups are used to drain toxins and stagnation out of the body, boosting circulation and the flow of energy.

Indian Head Massage

Using gentle and stimulating techniques, this treatment improves blood flow, nourishes the scalp and induces a deep sense of calm.


Glowing skin is an outward reflection of your inner health and to help you achieve this, our facials do more than just treat the surface.

Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial

The ultimate signature experience starting with deep cleansing and followed by the application of three masks to decongest, brighten and hydrate the skin. It continues with lymphatic drainage and acupressure massage to firm and reduce puffiness. A relaxing massage of feet, hands, arms and scalp evokes a deep sense of relaxation, leaving the skin fresh and glowing. 

Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment

An advanced anti-aging and intensely hydrating facial featuring a unique system of natural soluble collagens combined with pioneering exfoliation to restore and revitalize the skin. Also ideal for sensitive skin.

Active Wellness for Men and Women

Revitalize, soothe and hydrate the skin with this energizing facial combining deep pore cleanse and exfoliation with a skin refueling mask.  Ideal after sun exposure or an active lifestyle.  

Body Treatments

We have a diverse menu of body treatments which reveal your natural glow and rejuvenate your body, working deep to eliminate toxins, combat cellulite, improve circulation and tone skin.

Anti-Cellulite Contouring Treatment

This specialized lower body treatment is highly effective in targeting cellulite, improving circulation and hydrating the skin. The combination of expert products and techniques helps to eliminate toxins, smooth the skin’s texture and refine body contours.

Olive Oil and Sea Salt Treatment

Stimulating body exfoliation using a herbal scrub infused with sea salt and olive oil to remove dead skin cells. It continues with a warmed body mask to re-mineralize the skin, leaving a long lasting feeling of well-being. It completes with a personalized back massage concentrating on areas of concern.

Green Coffee Body Sculpting

Reduce puffiness, bloating and improve circulation for a firmer and slimmer silhouette. Focusing on the thighs, waist, tummy and bottom, this treatment starts with dry skin brushing followed by the thermogenic salon-strength chili and coffee oil massage to help break down fat cells. Stimulate the circulation and metabolism with a final application of Resculpting Body Gel.



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