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Alex Baechler, Visiting Practitioner

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Alex Baechler, Visiting Practitioner

Ata (Alex) was initiated to yoga at a very young age by his father. At seventeen he moved to the USA and met his teacher Shri Dharma Mittra, adapting yogi principals to a modern lifestyle and becoming certified as a yoga teacher. He studied Thai massage for 12 years and has developed his own blend of treatments mixing western osteopathic principals with traditional Thai massage. He currently lives, teaches and gives treatments in Geneva.

Yoga and Paranayama
(collective group classes and private sessions)
The practice of yoga is a journey towards self-realization. Throughout the class Ata will lead the students through some physical postures aimed at strengthening and stretching the body and at the same time working energetically on the body to achieve a more relaxed state and peace of mind. The focus will be constantly drawn back to the inner awareness of the breath to help students go deeper into a state of no thoughts and deep relaxation. 

Through ancient techniques of pranayama (sacred breathing) asana (physical posture) the student will reach a state of well-being, centeredness and equanimity. Ata will personalize the practice to each and every one of the students whether in a group class or in a private session. His extensive experience and knowledge in bodywork will be able to address specific personalized attention to each student.

Meditation and Yoga Nidra
(collective group classes and private sessions)
Meditation / Pranayama
Ata will guide students through concentration techniques and pranayama (sacred breathing exercises) to calm the mind and bring it almost to complete silence. Meditation allows one to reach a state of great mental clarity and increase the sensory vibration receptivity within the entire self. With constant practice one may reach a state of absolute balance and clarity.

Yoga Nidra

"Relaxation is the best antidote for impurities, disease, and illness.” Ata will take students on a journey into deep relaxation through a guided practice of Yoga Nidra also called “yoga of sleep.” Yoga Nidra allows the practitioner to go deep into the subconscious, purifying the body and the mind and bringing one to a place of peace and serenity. 

Thai Healing Therapy
Thai Healing Therapy is a very unique blend of traditional Thai massage combined with principals and techniques from westerner osteopathy. The treatment brings the client to the experience of an inner journey toward relaxation and "letting go". It has the particular ability to work on the "subtle body" and to rebalance the energy flow. The treatment has many therapeutic benefits and is very efficient for insomnia, mood and hormonal imbalance, stress and burnouts. 

Thai Healing Therapy is practiced on the floor, with the patient dressed in comfortable clothes. The massage begins at the feet, to stimulate and rebalance the energy flow, and ends at the head for deep relaxation. The full benefit of the treatment is to allow the patient to find balance, full relaxation and possibly start initiating the self-healing process.

Deep Relaxation Oil Massage
Ata’s deep relaxation oil massage is a journey of total relaxation and letting go. The massage is practiced with warm aromatic oils applied with a gentle and fulfilling touch. The fluidity, sequence and suitability of the movements carried out are all ingredients that contribute to the relaxing aspect of the massage. Above all, it is a journey where you completely lose track of time.

The treatment works as a remedy for jet lag, stress, headaches and insomnia and improves blood flow and the immune system. “From the beginning of the treatment the person feels better and begins to float in another dimension.” 

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