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Luxury Spas in Greece, Mykonos Spa Treatments

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Combining some of the best holistic treatments with the healing benefits of the surrounding environment plus the expert knowledge of our spa team, our wellness programs will set you on a path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Discover Yoga

If you wish to experience a new form of body and mind exercise, this is the right program for you. Private sessions of hatha yoga focus on gentle moves with a minimum and effortless flow between each pose. This, combined with guided meditation and breathing exercise, will help regulate the pace of breath, relax and maintain the steadiness of the body, leading to clearer mind and better coordination during yoga practice. Signature massages and energy treatments complement your daily schedule and enhance the results.

Stress release, improved flexibility plus a stronger and more powerful body are additional benefits you can expect to achieve from this program

Available from 3 to 5 nights depending on guest preferences, needs and duration of stay.

Yogic Detox

This program is suitable for more experienced yoga practitioners and draws upon hatha yoga cleansing techniques including sat kriya (movement and breath exercise) to cleanse the internal organs and achieve harmony between the major pranic flows. Aspects of hatha yoga postures known as asanas and more advanced practices of pranayama and meditation are incorporated along with detox treatments to offer a profound experience. Each element of this program is introduced and based on a personalized assessment and guest’s condition.

  • Available for 5 nights / EUR 1,105 per person / EUR 1,530 per two persons sharing a room
  • Prices are quoted in Euros and include tax.
  • Prices exclude accommodation.

Men's Grooming Adventures

Stress Buster
80 minutes / EUR 135

Reduce stress and improve overall well-being with a personalized massage combining the classical techniques of muscle manipulation with aromatic oils. It concludes with a scalp massage to induce a deep sense of calm.

Man about Town
110 minutes / EUR 160
Look and feel your best (and turn heads) with this grooming package including a gentleman’s facial, express manicure and pedicure.

Ultimate Chillout
115 minutes / EUR 224
This is the perfect remedy after a late night out. It starts with a steam bath to cleanse the body, follows with a personalized massage to release sore muscles and concludes with a rehydrating facial to bring that holiday glow back to your skin.

Instant Destress and More
25 minutes / EUR 65
A quick answer to relaxation! This stimulating oil-based scalp massage encourages circulation, releases tension and is also great for preventing hair loss.

Meet some of the best experts in alternative medicine, offering physical and spiritual therapies to help you address health concerns, achieve a better state of mind and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Eleni Malakou, Yoga Teacher

Eleni Malakou is an experienced instructor with advanced training in hatha yoga. She’s been practicing yoga for over six years and is knowledgeable in many styles such as restorative, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, prenatal, postnatal and acrobatic yoga. She also specializes in physiotherapy with a specific focus on musculoskeletal and neurological problems in adults and children. In addition, Eleni is an anatomy instructor for yoga and Pilates teacher training courses. 

Sandra Amaral, Professional Therapist

Sandra is well versed in the art of  healing. She has a diverse therapeutic experience in massage and alternative treatments from the Asian and European philosophies. She is the perfect therapist for personalised body massages.

We have a selection of special offers available throughout the month and beyond so get in touch with our spa team and plan your relaxing experience in advance. 


An ancient healing method promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being by releasing tension and energy blockages.

60 minutes / EUR 125

Seaweed Wrap

The detoxify body mask is rich in a variety of seaweed known to promote perspiration and to stimulate the body’s metabolism.

30 minutes / EUR 50 (save EUR 15)

Spa Treatment Highlights


Glowing skin is an outward reflection of your inner health and to help you achieve this, our facials do more than just treat the surface.

Collagen-Boosting Hydra Diamond Facial

A fruit acid peel is followed by exfoliation with densely packed diamonds which immediately brighten the skin, allowing a deeper penetration of collagen and boosting actives and sodium hyaluronate. This facial concludes with a special anti-aging massage to lift and tone muscles for a firmer, younger looking skin. 

Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial

A deep cleansing facial followed by the application of three masks to decongest, brighten and hydrate the skin. It continues with lymphatic drainage and acupressure massage to firm and reduce puffiness. A relaxing massage of feet, hands, arms and scalp evokes a deep sense of relaxation, leaving the skin fresh and glowing.

Vitamin C and Papaya Peel Facial

Target age spots, pigmentation, fine lines and uneven skin with this facial combining deep cleansing and fruit acid exfoliation to reveal a brighter, nourished and exceptionally smooth complexion. Drainage massage and a hydrating mask stimulate new skin cells and elasticity, leaving the skin with a rejuvenated glow.

Body Treatments

We have a diverse menu of body treatments which reveal your natural glow and rejuvenate your body, working deep to eliminate toxins, combat cellulite, improve circulation and tone skin.

Detox Cleansing Ritual

Regulate fat metabolism in the body with an intense full-body scrub with a stimulating and detoxifying blend of salt, seaweed and lemon. It continues with a potent wrap of seaweed and eucalyptus with rare fossil mud, leaving the skin deeply enveloped, cleansed and stimulated. 

Green Coffee Body Sculpting

Reduce puffiness, bloating and improve circulation for a firmer and slimmer silhouette. Focusing on the thighs, waist, tummy and bottom, this treatment starts with dry skin brushing followed by the thermogenic salon-strength chili and coffee oil massage to help break down fat cells. Stimulate the circulation and metabolism with a final application of Resculpting Body Gel. 

Rose Renewal

A rejuvenating treatment including a salt scrub and purifying wrap that envelopes the body with the nourishing essences of rose and jasmine for the perfect balance. 


We have selected some of the best Six Senses signature techniques, holistic treatments and local experiences to create blissful spa journeys which elevate and stimulate all the senses.


This deeply relaxing journey includes Body Soother, Indian Head Massage and Foot Acupressure to restore the body and mind balance.


Cleanse the body and stimulate the energy flow with this spa experience including a locally-inspired cleansing treatment, a facial plus manicure and pedicure.

Couples Journey

Unwind together and awaken all senses with this revitalizing journey, including Foot Cleansing Ritual, Signature Massage, Facial, Foot Acupressure and spa refreshments. 



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