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SS Spa rue de Castiglione Paris
Spa Design that Uplifts the Senses
SS Spa rue de Castiglione Paris

Designed by French architect Pierre David, our spa is an urban sanctuary perfectly integrated into its surroundings. Its design draws on such elements as the Parisian skyline and Tuileries gardens.

Pierre David invited Parisian landscape designer Patrick Blanc to create the focal point of the reception area, a stunning two-floor vertical garden. The evergreen interior garden offers soaring lines of vibrancy that uplift the senses and on a practical level, filter the Paris air to purify the spa atmosphere.

Another healing design feature of Pierre David’s concept is a real-time image of Paris and its skyline projected the full length of the spa, permitting guests as they relax, to be truly “at one” with the environment and their surroundings.

Paris Rooftop Honey Facial

This regenerating and nourishing treatment uses the honey made on the rooftops of Paris, generously supplied by the city-dwelling bees from the Tuileries Gardens. The honey naturally nourishes the skin and contains antioxidants that help fight against the harmful effects of pollution and UV light.

Fitness Membership

Kick-start your fitness regime and get in shape with our fitness bundles offering significant savings. 

Quarterly membership
Gym access
One Six Senses signature massage - Holistic or Oriental - 50 minutes

Six-month membership
Gym access
Two Six Senses signature massages - Holistic or Oriental - 50 minutes

Annual membership
Gym access
Four Six Senses signature massage - Holistic or Oriental - 50 minutes


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