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Spa Experts - Six Senses rue de Castiglione Paris - France

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Emmanuel Roy, Local Practitioner
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Invited by a great Tibetan master, Emmanuel lived in Asia for five years and immersed himself in the Tibetan and Indian cultures. During his stay, Emmanuel mastered the practice of yoga and discovered how subtle energies can inspire us and influence the relationship between our inner selves and the environment. During this experience he also realized that traditional massage techniques can help resolve some physical and energetic blockages. Emmanuel specializes in various massage styles, including Tibetan, Ayurvedic and Thai.

Agnieszka Szablonska, Massage Specialist
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Meet Agnieszka, our energetic massage specialist. After a career in the fashion industry, she decided to change life and to follow her passion of massage. She has been trained in Bali and continued her training by learning very specific techniques such as Balancing Senses massage, Ayurveda Birenda massage or Lemniscate massage.


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