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Visiting Practitioners' Calendar

Jill and Claude 300x170

Claude Simard and Jill Banwell, Visiting Practitioners

Six Senses Laamu, Maldives | January 9 - March 31

With over 23 years of experience, Claude is an internationally acclaimed massage specialist. He has helped people to recover from physical and emotional issues, and specializes in remedial massage to treat physical conditions. Claude is also a massage trainer, meditation teacher and workshop leader. In his signature psycho-energetic treatments he uses his highly developed sensitivity and intuition to reconnect people with their inner child so they can access deeper levels of healing.

VP Andy

Andy Beyst, Visiting Practitioner

Six Senses Spa Kunfunadhoo, Maldives | February 1 - April 30

Your Health is your Wealth’ is the phrase Andy’s Granfather used to tell him when growing up. For Andy, fitness and health is not just a career, it is who he is at his core - a continual student of mind and body. Andy strongly believes how powerfully connected mind and body need to be in order to achieve a given task or goal.

VP Drew Perdichizzi

Drew Perdichizzi, Visiting Practitioner

Six Senses Spa Kunfunadhoo, Maldives | March 1 - 31

Drew is an acclaimed practitioner of Hawaiian Lomilomi massage as well as a classically trained  5 Element Acupuncturist. He received his teachings in the United States and holds degrees in acupuncture from Wu Hsing Tao School in Seattle, and immersion in the Lomilomi tradition for two years while living in Hawaii. He founded and directs the Sun Elemental Healing Arts Center, a cooperative and integrative health care facility, as well as operates a full-time healthcare practice.

VP Dorelal Singh

Dorelal Singh Thakur, Visiting Practitioner

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam | March 1 - 30

Dorelal Singh Thakur is the professional Yoga Head at the Six Senses Spa. He was born in the year 1977 and has been in the profession since the past 20 years. During the 20 years of his career, he has offered his services to various renowned organizations ranging from fitness and health spas to holistic healing centers round the globe. He has not limited himself to one place.

Khun Paweenuch (Noom) Soisongsee

Khun Noom, Visiting Practitioner

Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman | March 3 - 30

Khun Noom has practiced various modalities of healing for over 10 years in several countries. Using her vast knowledge of holistic health, her aim is “to set man free” through Reiki and sound healing.  She is a yoga instructor and meditation leader, a Thai massage therapist, artist in cupping techniques that relax your nerves, a specialist in foot reflexology and manual lymphatic drainage. Each of her therapies results in the most powerful awakening and transformation.

SSYNI Marty, Reiki Master

Martin Fildes, Visiting Practitioner

Six Senses Con Dao, Vietnam | March 3 - 30

Martin has been a Reiki practitioner for over 20 years. He studied in the art of meditation and energy healing in India, Japan and the UK. His sessions are personalized to help address modern lifestyle concerns such as stress or weight loss and assist guests in achieving overall well-being.  In addition, he offers guided meditation and reflexology, blending in Reiki to create a unique experience. Martin's goal in life is to heal as many people as he can and to encourage them on their journey to health and happiness.

VP Cesar Tejedor

Cesar Tejedor, Visiting Practitioner

Six Senses Spa Kuwait, Kuwait | March 10 - 28

César Tejedor, a bestselling author in the field of spa and wellness, is the creator of VibraHealing, physical therapist and expert on traditional medicines, spa trainer and consultant, founder of Massage Around the World and ambassador for Global Wellness Day in Spain. Passionate about holistic wellness, he has spent the last 15 years of his life traveling around the world exploring traditional medicines and massage with the aim of implementing ancient wisdom into modern lifestyles.

Stacked Pebbles

Napath Theechanthuek, Visiting Practitioner

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam | March 12 - April 11

Originally from the North East of Thailand, Napath has spent the last 18 years travelling the globe providing a mix of therapeutic and relaxing massage specializing in pain relief. Napath believes strongly in the holistic approach and treating each guest as an individual.

VP Sandra Laznik

Sandra Laznik, Visiting Practitioner

Six Senses Yao Noi, Thailand | March 12 - April 6

Sandra Laznik is a passionate wellness practitioner from Slovenia. She graduated at University of Sport Science in Slovenia, where besides becoming a professor of sport education, gained fitness instructor and aerobic instructor credentials. She upgraded her knowledge by completing TRX ® suspension trainer course, Gliding ® course and successfully completed a course in classical and sports massage.

SSZB Dr Gopal

Dr. Gopal Govindasamy, Visiting Practitioner

Six Senses Spa Muscat, Oman | March 12 - 31

Dr. Gopal is a Naturopathic Doctor and Yoga expert from India, specialized in Ayurveda, wellness, nutrition and lifestyle consultations. He has been a leading wellness expert for over 14 years, with yoga training from world famous Sivananda Yoga Institute. His record for relieving and correcting persistent physical problems, has earned him an international reputation.

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