dcsimg Float your stress away

Float your stress away

Float your stress away

Flotation sets you on the path to a level attained by experienced meditators and yogis - it’s simply a little shortcut to the ultimate state of bliss. Enter the realm of calm, tranquility and creativity at the Touch Suite at soon-to-be-opened Six Senses Spa Dubai. Here, you can connect to your sense of touch through the natural element of water in the flotation pod – the focal point of this suite. 

Float your stress away

Float your stress away

The buoyancy created within the pod removes the effects of gravity on the body, bringing you closer to a feeling of total weightlessness. Your mind will drift into a deep state of relaxation enabling your body’s balance to reset and strengthen and your brain waves to find the right frequency to reduce stress and promote healing.

Once you select a spa treatment, we automatically add a 30-minute sensory experience in the floatation pod. It’s just the place for losing your worries and finding your centeredness.

For more information, please call +971 4 5125566 or email reservations-dubai-spa@sixsenses.com.



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