dcsimg Elounda Spa - Rise and Shine at Six Senses Spa Elounda

Elounda Spa - Rise and Shine at Six Senses Spa Elounda

Rise and Shine

If you’re craving the feeling of the warm sun on your face and the waves at your feet, it is time to restore your levels of the sunshine vitamin. Relax at Six Senses Spa Elounda and immerse yourself in our holistic and rejuvenating spa treatments. Safe and appropriate sun exposure optimizes your levels of vitamin D. This offers wide-ranging benefits including bone health, a stronger immune system and extra ammunition to fight disease and depression. No, we can’t think of a reason for you not to pack your bags either. 

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

Your program includes:

Outdoor walk and breathing exercise (60 minutes)
Water aerobics in the outdoor pool (60 minutes)
Water strength training in the outdoor pool (60 minutes)
Signature massage in the outdoor pavilion (60 minutes)
Five sessions of thalassotherapy (seawater healing treatment) (120 minutes)

EUR 315 including VAT.
Price excludes accommodation, meals and beverages.

For more information please call +30 284 106 8060 or email mgr-elounda-spa@sixsenses.com.



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