dcsimg Sleep tips for your personal wellness journey

Sleep tips for your personal wellness journey

Sleep tips for your personal wellness journey

Sleep is one of the most talked about topics when it comes to our well-being and there are so many benefits of having a good night’s sleep. Our sleep expert and one of the members of Six Senses Wellness Board, Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., has been instrumental in preparing some great sleep tips for our guests they can follow on their personalized Six Senses Integrated Wellness program.

Sleep tips for your personal wellness journey

Sleep tips for your personal wellness journey

Set your watch for your bedtime, not your wake time. This will give you a gentle reminder of staying on schedule.

Dr Breus recommends his Power Down Hour technique about one hour before the bedtime. Here, we take that hour and we break it up into 3 twenty minute segments. First use 20 minutes to finish an email, say goodnight to loved ones back home or get your schedule together for the next day of spa treatments, hikes or other Six Senses activities (you may even want to call our concierge to get them on it while you are sleeping).

The next 20 minutes is used for nightly hygiene activities. We recommend taking a 15-minute hot bath or a hot shower, and getting clean bed clothes and drinking about eight ounces of water. Use the final 20 minutes for formal relaxation - do some stretching or practice a few soothing yoga poses, reflect on your day in your Spa Journal, meditate, pray or listen to guided imagery or pink noise. The final phase can be done in bed and in the dark.

Try to have an electronic curfew for the final 40 minutes or so before bed. Put items to be charged in another room and set them all on nighttime or quiet mode, unless you are expecting a call. It is fine to watch television if this is something that you normally do.

Dim the lights and lower the temperature in your room at the beginning of the Power Down Hour to help set the environment for better sleep.

Set up the bed for the ultimate sleep, make sure that the pillows you want are available (call for extras if needed), if you would prefer a softer feel to the bed, call and ask your GEM to help.



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