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Banu Alagoz, Visiting Practitioner

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Banu Alagoz, Visiting Practitioner

Banu specializes in emotional well-being practices and energetic healing. She studied Aquatic Bodywork, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Taoist healing arts, culminating all her experience into healing the wounds inflicted by primary relationships, and creating a safe space to experience love.   She believes in living with an open heart, being guided by intuition and channeling all that into beautiful and moving experiences.

Her perspective of healing is in the sense of making whole. Nature is her muse. Rooted in Shamanic and Sufi practices of the heart, she believes in the power of touch as a gateway opening to emotional well-being on all levels.

Watsu (in-villa pool is an option)
Watsu uses energy healing, massage and stretching techniques while being floated weightless on the surface of water. It helps to soften muscles and tissues, open energy pathways, increase mobility, flexibility, lightness, and create the feeling of flow by releasing stored emotions as well as stuck energy. Effective in addressing both physical and emotional conditions, it is a unique healing and transformational experience of being nestled, held and swayed by love.
Swimsuit is required.

Flow & Connection Ritual For Couples (In or outside Water)
A chance to connect with yourself and your beloved in flow. Starting with a relaxing meditation, awakening the sensations in the body through breathing, gentle movement and awareness, you are invited to soften, be present, connect with each other and the elements around you. A chance to build or strengthen the energetic bond between a couple.

Emotional Detox Massage Therapy
Emotional Detox is a fusion of Asian massage techniques and Daoist energy healing, helping you release unprocessed negative emotions held in the body’s cellular memory. Working deep and slow with warm oil, it is a nurturing, relaxing and healing experience, especially after periods of stress, trauma or exertion. Includes a massage on the abdomen to release energy and open meridians.

Kundalini Yoga & Healing Love Meditation
A gentle awakening of the creative life force, Kundalini with breathing, movement and sound. A flowing yoga class and movement in meditation that is open for all levels of experience and for those that want to feel lighter, happier, relaxed and at ease with themselves.

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