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Claude Simard and Jill Banwell, Visiting Practitioners

An internationally acclaimed massage specialist with over 23 years of experience, Claude’s signature psycho-energetic treatments reconnect people with their inner child so they can access deeper levels of healing. Sessions are in English or French.

Jill’s life journey has taken her into the fields of healing, yoga, massage, meditation and Tarot. Her worldwide pilgrimages have facilitated her to become a more open channel for healing energies. She takes pleasure in gently guiding clients to experience a deeper, more harmonious level of life.

Claude's tretaments

Deep Therapeutic Massage Treatment
If you want to mobilize a stiff neck, relieve back pain, leg muscle tightness, or tense shoulders, then this could be the ideal massage for you. After warming up and relaxing the muscles Claude will use direct deep pressure, concentrating on areas of chronic tension, to break down adhesions and restore normal movement, realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Classic deep tissue techniques are used together with the stimulation of acupressure points to give your body maximum relief.

Shiatsu & Acupressure Massage Treatment
This therapy supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. Energetic lines and acupressure points are stimulated to tonify your internal organs, improve joint articulation, relieve muscle stiffness and calm your nervous system. For physical issues this treatment delivers effective natural pain relief and is also very helpful in aiding detoxification and stimulating the digestive system.

Psycho-Energetic Massage Treatment
This special treatment enables you to access the healing power of your Inner Child, as during the massage Claude guides you to reconnect with this deep part of yourself. This brings you in contact with lighter, more playful energies, so that you can easily let go of stress and tensions. There is an opportunity for profound emotional rebalancing so you can feel happier and more in harmony with the flow of life.

Jill's Treatments

Intuitive Massage Treatment
Holding a nurturing space that encourages you to relax and let go, Jill intuitively uses a combination of different bodywork techniques to give you a tailor-made massage, according to your personal needs and preferences. During the treatment you also receive some Reiki to balance your chakras, bringing you into an even deeper state of relaxation, so you can release tensions at the physical, emotional and mental levels.

Reiki Energy Healing
Using gentle touch in specific hand positions Jill channels Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) to you. This is a deeply relaxing experience that enables you to access a meditative state of awareness. As stress is released your energies and emotions are re-harmonised so you feel calm and refreshed.

Crystal Chakra Therapy
Beautiful healing crystals are placed on your chakras (energy centers). While your body, mind and spirit absorb the high vibrations of these special stones, Jill gives you a hands-on Reiki Healing to amplify theeffects. This cleanses, energizes, calms, inspires and rebalances you according to your needs.

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