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Claudio J De Menezes, Visiting Practitioner

VP Claudio

Claudio J De Menezes, Visiting Practitioner

Claudio J De Menezes’ healing touch and special treatments have earned him the recognition of being rated as one of the top 10 therapists in the world by The Telegraph. He has twenty years of experience as a reflexologist and body therapist. Claudio has a unique capacity to make an atmosphere of comfort and discretion. It’s important to him to always have a sensitive and appropriate touch adjusted to whomever he meets. An encounter with him leaves a positive imprint and a warm smile.

Reflexology: working with areas under your feet the different organs in your body activate or relax depending on if they are” too tense” or ”too relaxed”. Through the patterns of your feet your organs, glands and other parts can be activated.

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