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VP Drew Perdichizzi

Drew Perdichizzi, Visiting Practitioner

Drew is an acclaimed practitioner of Hawaiian Lomilomi massage as well as a classically trained  5 Element Acupuncturist. He received his teachings in the United States and holds degrees in acupuncture from Wu Hsing Tao School in Seattle, and immersion in the Lomilomi tradition for two years while living in Hawaii. He founded and directs the Sun Elemental Healing Arts Center, a cooperative and integrative health care facility, as well as operates a full-time healthcare practice.

His presence, attention, and intuition, palpable throughout his healing sessions, form the foundation of the work which has been both restorative and transformational for countless patients over Drew’s 15 year career in Holistic Medicine. His work has earned him the distinction of being one of the highest rated practitioners in Seattle, a premier world-centre of eastern and western integrative medicine, and as such he is a sought-after teacher, mentor, and practitioner.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Master’s Session
This is for true aficionados of massage as an experience and as an art. Lomi lomi is the ancient tradition of the Hawaiian healers, most often practiced by Na Kapuna (the elders) and Na Kahuna (shamans/healers).  The rhythmic flow is often described as a dance, but the movement is purely to facilitate the flow and engagement of the receiver in the cradle of the massage session.  True lomi lomi is rare, as it is a difficult art to practice let alone master.  To receive true lomi is to experience an art unlike any other form of massage.  Countless testimonials attest that Drew is a master of this art.  Don’t let this chance pass to experience something amazing and rare.

Lomi Lomi Pain & Injury Treatment
Feeling stuck in a spiral of pain?  Drew’s expert and innate sense of an individual’s pain points and restrictions combine with his long-honed skills to help you heal from injuries, reduce or eliminate pain, and let you get back to enjoying life.  You’ll be happy you booked this appointment.  Almost everyone books additional sessions.

5 Element Acupuncture
To many people, acupuncture can seem like something strange and magical.  In truth, it's not. It's an art and a science, like any other form of holistic healthcare.  A complex system and very old treatment philosophy underpin and inform the seemingly simple act of placing fine filament needles at various points around the body.  Chronic neck pain? A few points on the hand may relieve it.  Indigestion? Points on the feet and legs and hands can help.  Detoxing? Anxiety? Insomnia?  Headaches? Scattered thinking? Reflux? Sinus problems? Other issues?  Various points around the body can help alleviate and potentially cure virtually any imbalance that you may experience.  The process is gentle and effective, and can be either energizing or relaxing depending on what you individually need from the session.

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